Alchemy or Jewelcrafting?

So I just returned back to WoW after quitting during Wotlk, and so far I have been enjoying WoD. I just hit max level and I wanted to get into the profession game again, but I am not completely sure what to do.

Right now I have alchemy and Jewelcrafting but I was thinking of dropping one in favor of the gathering profession to accompany that, would that be a smart idea? And if it is, does either one of these look more favorable to keep than the other one?
Alchemy and Jewcrafting are both very good professions at the moment while gathering professions are border line useless.

Alchemy allows you to have 2 hours flasks instead of 1 hour. Jewcrafting allows you to make good gems that non-jewcrafter can't make.

For gathering professions, everyone having garrison makes the supply so much higher than the demand that prices are and will continue to drop very fast. Ores and herbs are extremely cheap on the AH and are not worth gathering besides once a day in your garrison.

Also, keep in mind that even if other professions make good money right now, BoE epics will be almost useless in a few weeks, while JC and Alch makes items that will be used for the entire expansion.
Sweet thanks for the quick low down on everything, I just was looking around on the AH and saw that prices for mats were pretty low. Looks like I will just keep both of them and level them up the old fashion way by purchasing what I need on the auction house.

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