Ideas for the Hunter Rework.

Since we did not get the promised and much needed hunter rework that was talked about for Warlords of Draenor I would like to give my put some of my own ideas on the table. Note if your going to just blindly disagree and not provide any sort of constructive feed back please take your comments elsewhere, that said feel free to post your own ideas for things you might like to see the hunter class become. also any numbers are purely place holders and would definitely need tweaking

Survival would stay mostly the same as it is now for the sake of the people who likes how the hunter class plays now.

1. A new skill called Prone Position would have the hunter lay down and reduce your movement speed by 90%, and disable auto attacks except for AIMED SHOT but would double the range and damage of Aimed Shot. To compensate for the massive increase in range any target that moves out of ranged for any amount of time after or during the cast of Aimed Shot the ability will miss.

2.Aimed shot would be reworked to have a new kind of cast bar that would allow you to reactivate the ability while casting to get different effects. If the cast goes one second our less the ability does a Body Shot dealing a standard amount of damage and would incur a 1 second cooldown for the ability. A cast between 1-2 seconds would be a Gimping Shot dealing standard damage but also applying a bleed effect dealing additional damage and leaving a blood trail even on stealth targets and a breif knock down if the target was moving when hit, this would incur a 2 second cooldown. and a cast between 2-3 seconds would be a Head Shot Dealing twice the damage of the body shot dismounting and knocking down the target and applying Head Trauma which on a player will slightly blur there vision and make them run the same way they would if they were completely smashed for its duration, NPCs would simply be slowed and interrupt non stunable enemies, this would incur the full 3 second cooldown. Additionally There will be Sweet Spots on the cast bar at in each section of the bar, ending the cast on one of them will cause the corresponding shot do deal extra damage.

The combination of the 2 changes would reorient the Marksman hunter focus into long range precision damage dealing. Trading high mobility for much safer longer range combat and in a PVP environment would be great defensively holding objectives and harassing and softening up the opposition as well as help keep high threat targets off the more important people they are fighting. a note is while not in Prone Position the marksman hunter would function basically how it does now but I hope would only be used while moving in the hopes that being a sharp shooter would be better for raw dps.

Beast Mastery
The first Major change would be making beast mastery a melee spec because a master of beast should fight like a beast.

1. Return of Raptor strike Mongoose bite, and wing clip in place of arcane shot steady shot/cobra shot and concussion. Mongoose bite would take up the roll as the focus regenerator.

2. Night Saber Flurry would replace Multishot, a frontal cone ability similar to the Xuen Legendary Cloak, but it would also apply a rapidly stacking debuff that increases the damage dealt by your pets to affected targets.

3. Beastial Wrath will be returned to its former Glory making both the hunters and the beasts unstable for its duration and a significant damage increase.

4. Beasts will not need to be dismissed before switching unless they are stunned or dead and the new pet will have the same percentage of health as the pet it switches for.

5. Beast Mastery hunters would have 2 active pets, the primary and secondary.

6.Kill Command would allow both your pets to leap to their current target if they are out of range.

7.the pets combat bars would have a new button, Sick'em, in this mode the pet will attack the selected target even if it is not the same target as the hunters until the target dies or is commanded to change targets.

8. New Ability, Beast Mimicry, Prime and Secondary, these would give you the Main Ability of the of your Primary and secondary pets respectively.

9. New Ability, Always At My Side, both of you pets will come to your aid each taking 1/3 of the damage you take and each pet will each intercept 1 crowd control ability.

All these changes will make the Beast Mastery hunter actually feel like a master of beasts and make it a very distinct new way to play this class.

I hope you like some of my Ideas and I'de love to hear your ideas and feedback.
How can you say a spec with no CD or execute doesn't need a rework but the other two do? ok
I actually like the way Hunters function now. It I would just like to see some love for Survival.

I'm thinking a buff to Serpent Sting and Explosive Shot.

Also, add Kill Shot back to the spec it makes no sense for MM and BM to have it but for some reason SV can't.

No offense but I could care less about a bunch off gimmicky headshot stuff although I have always felt that the BM Spec should be more melee oriented and I kinda like some of your ideas around that.
12/06/2014 09:49 PMPosted by Artemishowl
How can you say a spec with no CD or execute doesn't need a rework but the other two do? ok

How about instead of basically calling me stupid you lead with, I Think Survival needs CD and an Exicute instead of being being an as about it.

Poprocks has the right attitude actually making suggestions even though he doesn't agree with everything I all my ideas. Be like Poprocks not Artemishowl.
12/06/2014 10:39 PMPosted by Thoridalfury
Be like Poprocks not Artemishowl.

I'm not cute enough to be like Artemishowl :c
I like the Marksman Idea, it seems like it would feel like your an ace sniper instead of generic hunter, the spec definitely need a mechanic like that to help separate it from the others specs. the BM thing seems like fun too but i just don't know about the 2 pets thing, don't get me wrong it would be cool but it might be a headache to juggle around 2 pets especially with that instant pet switching mechanic.

Also I agree survival does need some attention too, kill shot would be nice to have back. and it needs something cool like a Camouflaged fox hole they could set up some place and hide and fight in. and maybe a new trap thats like the pitfall traps from from Super Smash Bros.

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