BoA Vendors in Orgrimmar/Stormwind

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Alright, so I would like to share some ideas and let's see what we can build off of them. On my quest to level new characters I decided I had enough for BoA gear. Knowing that Dalaran, of course, had the vendor, I decided to look around Orgrimmar to see if I could possibly find a vendor at that location. I, unfortunately, did not. In my honest opinion, since there are quite a number of people that are level 85, and the major cities are the new hub of activity, there should be vendors for BoA gear inside these cities. Possibly near the level 85 Justice Point vendor. This could cut down the time needed to fly/take ship to Northrend, fly to Dal, buy the BoAs, Fly back to where you came, take boat or zep to Org/SW. What are some other people's opinion on this subject?

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