Exorcism costs more mana than it does dmg.

My exorcism costs 7026 mana. it does around 5k dmg. are the designers retarded? I can't kill 1 mob my level without speccing into a dps holy spec.
swap to your ret spec. . .
Lol. just, lol.
WHy do you think they introduced more dmg-friendly talents into the Holy tree? Why do you think there is a Holy "Dps" spec? Its for leveling up.

Stop complaining that you cant do dmg while your in a healing spec, and pick up denounce, blazing light, and blessed life.

Excorsim costs 7k mana in a holy (do i have to add "healing"?) spec cuz your not supposed to use it f your trying to heal. Period.
you're an idiot... lightning bolt costs a resto shammy @1.4k mana... before it gives them back 2100. Why should it be so different? and why should i have to spend talents to be able to kill 1 mob in a healing spec when NO other healer has to?
They see me trollin, they hatin...
12/16/2010 4:58 PMPosted by Jondoe
They see me trollin, they hatin...

tryin to catch me postin dirty!!!!
In the good old days paladins used melee.
I was under the impression we were talking about paladins, not shaman, if your jealous of the way another class is put together, go play it... Do you think they think its fair we get to have plat e armor as healers while they are stuck with mail? Every class is different...
12/16/2010 5:38 PMPosted by Smackemall
i havent find yet the forum rule thats says, dont comment if u r not specced on what the thread is about, so ye ill comment on everything i want, the problem ur having is not my problem im doing fine with exo......

w8 wut

Can you clarify exactly what you just said? I can't tell which side of the argument you're on :x
Denounce or bust, TBH.
12/16/2010 5:26 PMPosted by Carbonic
Says the the guy with a Prot and Ret spec, if you do not know squat about a problem then do not comment.

Blizzard put in dual specialisation and you use it poorly. Anyone can see that.

12/16/2010 5:26 PMPosted by Carbonic
As a Holy I have a DPS spec for leveling. And yea it is a sad amount of damage and we get stunned to death or 2 mobs can sometimes kill us.

You went Holy for DPS and you're surprised it's not very good? Did you seriously think a small minority of DPS talents in the tree constitute a DPS spec?

12/16/2010 5:26 PMPosted by Carbonic
Remember the Holy Pally still has the worst mana regen of any in game.

Any what? You better not say healer or you're just a troll.

12/16/2010 5:26 PMPosted by Carbonic
Oh and they nerfed our Holy Power regen so now we do less damage.

If you wanted to do damage, you should probably respec to a tree suited for it. Nobody can stop you using whatever spec you want for whichever purpose you like but when the majority of talents of the tree you pick do not do anything for what you're trying to accomplish then you only have yourself to blame.

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