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We are an Alliance 10 player focused raiding guild looking for mature, friendly, and respectful players that enjoy defeating end-game bosses and performing at the top tier of progression on the Cenarius Server.

While we are primarily a raiding guild, we are also recruiting casual players to help us level and have fun in dungeons and PvP.

Our raids begin at 8:00 PM Server Time and run until 11:00 PM.

Raid nights are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

We want players that take initiative and learn the fights before we raid by watching videos and reading the strategies online. Our players should also be able to accept responsibility for their mistakes and adjust accordingly so that the guild can progress.

Guild raiders of Extraction are required to be on time and fully prepared for our raids so that downtime is minimal. All raiders are expected to maintain an attendance of 90%. That means being online, ready, and willing to raid on raid nights.

We will use an EPGP loot system so that we ensure the loot is fair and distributed evenly. This also makes attendance even more important.

We are recruiting all classes for Cataclysm!

If you're interested in joining us please apply on our website, http://extraction.enjin.com/recruitment.

You can also whisper Draknathal, Wolvak, or Hecaterus in game for an invite.

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