Hi Blackrock

I'm really looking forward to transferring over here. You seem like a really friendly bunch of people!

I know Horde are having some tough times with imbalance at the moment. That's why I rolled a Blood Elf Warlock. To help you out!

Love and waffles (just me being random XD),

Welcome to BR fellow horde I hope we can meet up to fight the meenie alliance and tickle each other tehe :p
You look like a chef, are you a chef?
Je ne suis pas un chef mais je le beurre de votre ass.

I've put together a whole mad sailor outfit. It's simple yet elegant.

EDIT: Redundancy.
Wasn't there a sailor in the singing group that did YMCA? Uhhm, the village people?

You mentioned waffles.
i guess im going to have to say it if no one is Blackrocks full GTFO!

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