What can i solo?

Looking for a list of stuff a prot pally can solo at 85 with some heroic loot. will be very appreciative.
Old world and BC raids are pretty fun for soloing. Well, the ones that are mechanically soloable anyways. Razorgore is soloable if you play your cards right, but Vael definitely isn't; Twin Emps is out of the question and so is C'thun.

Depends on your definition of "heroic".
well i know you can do mag because i just did but what have you guys cleared and what bosses are impossible?
I'm only 83, but I've recently taken a short break from leveling to get Classic Raider or whatever it's called.

Anyway, at 81-ish I did Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj (the now 10-man, used to be 20-man). First boss is tough as a pally, has 20-sec silences. If you move around you can avoid them. Last night, I did Molten Core. Got all the way up to Ragnaros, and holy &$#% he is tough. I'm having a friend go for the extra dps later today to speed the fight up. The rest of MC was cake.

I've also recently done Kara without a problem, though I've only got Big Bad Wolf. I know Oz is soloable, but Romeo and Juliet might be tough. Chess is tricky. Look up a strategy, or bring in a guildy or two if you can't get it. The Prince is cake, because he doesn't take away all health on the tank, only other everyone else, so soloing him is incredibly simple.

I think just about any old world or BC boss that doesn't require mutliple people (e.g. Kael'Thas in TK) is soloable.

Raids I've soloed:
Zul'Gurub (before it was removed)
Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj
Upper Blackrock Spire (before it was changed to a 5-man)
Molten Core (solo'd up to last boss, gra)
Karazhan (run this every 3 days, great gold, 'specially if you DE everything, plus, Kara is a ton of fun.)
Raggy is too easy, just reserve your HoP for when you get knocked back and WoG when you land and to keep yourself topped off. Other than that, pop resistance aura and he can barely scratch you.

Sulfuron is the toughest boss in there to solo, since as a prot pally you basically have to run the guards OOM before you can pull through and that makes for one long, arduous fight. Bring an extra shield or two.
Well, Kazzak's effectively off the list until prot can either marshal the DPS to outdamage twisted reflection while regenerating through mark of kazzak, or get a way to clear magic debuffs. I was engaged against him in a complete standstill for twenty or so minutes, until people leveling in the zone started whining and threatening to report me for griefing.

Gonna try as holy in a little bit once tempers cool.
Lmao, report for griefing. They can get lost, you're simply attempting to kill a mob.
Well, they had a point otherwise I would have told them to do very nasty things to themselves. After the second or third enrage it was pretty obvious Kazzak was never going to bring me below 90% and I was never going to bring Kazzak below 90%, so I wasn't doing much more than beating on a really obnoxious training dummy. I just kept fighting after that point out of sheer stubbornness and amusement.

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