Holy paladin looking for gear

I am a holy paladin that just made Level 40. Now I can start using Plate armor. Trouble is I checked in at the AH and could not find any Plate healing gear. Nothing with INT, Spell Power, Spell crit, etc...

I am looking for ideas to get plate geared and still be able to heal properly. I am mainly geared from questing and running instances as leveling... I do have a heirloom hammer.
You have two choices:

Wear cloth/mail.
Wear dps/tank plate.

I'd wear cloth until you can do tbc quests and dungeons. There isn't any healing plate gear in vanilla unless I missed the memo and they added some.
Sure there is healing plate gear in vanilla...its any plate with Of the Eagle on it

Uldaman in the Badlands was the best place for plate drops at lvl 40, not sure if it still is, havent been lvl 40 in awhile

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