Stupid Things Said to Pallies in Groups....

DK trying to be a tank: HEY TANK WHY CAN'T YOU ****ING HOLD AGGRO???!!!!
Me: Well.... It would be a lot easier if you didn't have just pulled 5 mobs of guys and expected me to be ready with no mana.
Dude raging about pallies: Paladin's SUCK! ( goes on for about 15 more minutes )

Me: You ever even try a paladin above level 10?

Dude raging: ...
Entering Random

Hunter: Oh GREAT a pally tank!

First Boss ( Hunter pulls boss along with about 5 other mobs )


Second Boss ( Repeat )


Me: Fine by me, I'll wait 30 seconds for another group =)

* Larthalos has left the group *

( My guildie is in the group )

*10 min. later*

Friend whisp me: Wow that took a long time to get a new tank... How was your waiting time?

Me: I just finished 2 randoms since I left =P
Enters Random

Healer: Pally switch to ret, prot sucks at tanking!


*Larthalos has left the group*

*30 seconds later*

Enters another random

Me(Thought): It's good to be a tank =)

Is there a place with current information on all types of cc?

edit~ nvm, I found someone with it all laid out nicely


<3 person who attaches the link to every post

Also, I've found it's harder for me to heal regulars than heroics. No joke. Ever since I became geared enough to heal heroics, every time I want faceroll easy mode in regulars, it ends up being harder. Why? Because people won't cc. I don't mind difficult, but if I'm queuing for a regular dungeon, that generally means I want something easy for the moment... Too bad I'm also too lazy to ask for cc.

The tanks who don't allow/ask for cc don't tend to use their cds often enough either. I find myself healing tanks that drop down to 30% in no time flat and my main heal in regulars is always divine light because they eat everything. I keep them up, but often times it's just barely.

I think healers are the only ones who don't get faceroll mode in regulars. I had two friends ask me to queue for a regular with them just so they could have a fun and easy run, and they had a blast while I was trying to keep the tank from dying faster than tanks drop in heroics.

Also, by the time you tank for normal tides, you should have more than 35k health... That's pretty low for tanking at 80, even if you're a relatively fresh 80 (considering you can get cata greens at 78)
Most people who say retarded things to healers/tanks have never actually tried being a healer or tank past level 30. Luckily, most people who play healers/tanks have been endgame DPS before, and can call them on their bull.

I've been having a little difficulty with the first boss in H SFK. He drains everyone's life, so I pop a simple Holy Radiance (didn't have enough holy power for a Light Of Dawn worth wasting a GCD for), and the boss instead attacked instead of healing afterwards, and one shotted a DK and a shammy DPS.

Tank: "WTF!! how did u not heel!!! hole group @ 1 hp, u did not heelz, omg worst heelz evar"
Me: "OOPS. I FORGOT HOW TO HEAL YOU TOO." /leave group
Pinnacle last boss. Boss is at 1/4 health.
No one stands in the triangle but me (heals)
Tank and DPS are fried.

Group: Well, that sucked.
Boss is at 1/8 health and I'm kiting my ass off and nuking from inside the triangle.
The group releases.
Tank: Heals, die already.
Boss at 1/16 health
Group: Heals, wtf?
Boss is taking hammer of justice to the face
*You have been removed from the group*

Me: /facepalm

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