I'm so confused!

Why are rets saying we're bad.... 8-10k in pulls/bosses in heroics.

and near the top in dps in raids.

Because 10k damage is not much anymore.
It's not competitive dps, but ret's damage comes from autoshot more than other classes. If you're grouping with people at your gear level you'll probably be destroyed in damage before long. At the very least - you'll be inconsistent in comparison, as is the nature of our class.
i raid....dps is fine for ret.... dps is fine in heroics... You realize we're in blues with 9% crit chance not 50% right? Raiding is anywhere from 20k spike dps to 16k averaging out over the fight....

ret is fine.......
'20k spike dps'

RNG dps cool if RNG gods are smiling in your favor.

Because so much of our damage relies in RNG, there are people (perhaps you) who will always proc things. It's how percents work. Things may be working exactly as they should proccing evenly for you but not for others - I'm personally satisfied with ret in pve despite the RNG (although that doesn't mean we don't need a fix) but others may not get the RNG gods to smile at them as much as you or I.

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