game freezes, chat works!

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Everytime I log in, the game is completely frozen. None of my spells works while others stay/run on the same spot. The only thing that works is chat. I can send tells or type in trade just fine for a brief period, and then I DC. My internet seems normal except this. I can get past the login screen or browse webs without a problem. It only starts as soon as I select a character to enter the game. Sometimes I DC from loading the game.

Rogers is my ISP and I live in Ontario. This is weird cuz WoW is the only thing that doesn't work.
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I've been experiencing the same exact problem for quite some time, probably since 3.3 or so. I was hoping it would be solved by the release of the expansion, but clearly that's not the case.

Same issue as the OP, everyone stops moving and performing actions, it seems like a DC, but chat still works. Sometimes its stops after a few seconds, sometimes I DC after a minute or so, and a few times it's been stuck like that for almost 10 minutes before I finally shut down the client and open up a new one, at which point the issue is gone for a few minutes. Also similar to the OP, this issue ONLY affects World of Warcraft, I can play any other game on my computer or xbox and will not disconnect from their servers at all.

Unlike the OP, it doesn't occur for me during or right after the login process. I will always have a minute or few of playing my character before the lag arrives.

Also, I've noticed that using ventrillo seems to make the issue worse, both in the rate of occurance and the severity of the DC. Once again though, chat remains working throughout the disconnect process. However, while I will experience a DC from the vent server at the same time as the lag in-game, I will still be able to browse the internet freely with no noticable slowness.

My ISP is Comcast in Portland, OR, and for me this issue occurs no matter where the physical location of the realm's server cluster is.

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