Inconsistent DPS due to Procs

This is just my opinion, but the longer I play on my pally the more I begin to realize certain things.

I first started noticing it in 80 heroics awhile back...sometimes my DPS would be top and other times it wouldn't even be close.

I've watched recount in dungeons and I've seen my dps fluctuate entirely too much. I began to wonder why. Why isn't my dps consistent?

I started to develop this idea toward the start of cataclysm and I think I've figured it out, from my standpoint. While leveling to 85 it actually showed me more of why my dps fluncuates. While leveling Im usually alone and there aren't other factors nor other people to take away from my dps or rotation, so I've been able to see it in full force.

What I realize is how much my dps realies on luck. What I mean is that if Art of War proc's a lot or Hand of Light proc's a lot my dps will be extremely high, but if they don't my dps will drop.

Is this intentional? Is our dps really meant to rely on the off chance something procs? I've watched the dps meter too much now and I know for a fact the more Art of War Procs and the more Hand of Light Procs the higher your dps will be, there's no question about it. But is it really suppose to be like that?

Was this your intention blizzard? For our dps to rely on luck? I find it just a little unfair if I were to ever get kicked from a group because my dps is low - how would I respond to that? "Im sorry Art of War didn't proc enough so my dps dropped." ?

This isn't a question of "L2P" I've been top dps too many times for anyone to tell me "L2P". This is about the fact that there can be a HUGE difference in your dps the more procs you gain. It seems odd to me that I can go from being 3rd overall dps in a 5-man to gaining the top spot just because Art of War and Hand of Light happened to proc a good bit during those last few pulls.

Do other classes dps fluctuate as much as this? I don't know, between my shammy and mage I haven't seen it. If this is how blizzard wanted us to be then fine I'll learn to accept it. Im not that stubborn to refuse to play my favorite class nor am I that deluded to think they'll change it because I complain, I just wonder.

well luck might be a contribute in your dps but
luck doesn't determine your entire dps btw...

without hand of light popped (think it was just once)
I hit dummy for 9k

maybe your gear isn't that great and other classes have a bit of a extra contribute to their mastery but

if your understand your priority system
and follow it properly (doing in fill in during CS cd)
mastery comes as a support of your dps not your main (This is huge mistake people tend to think)

During the boss fight, I normally get 11-12k on long boss fights and when I have much luck in mastery (like keep popping) I do like 14k-15k
(In mob killing, pally dps can't be true because the pop of hand of light changes your dps totally but in a long term boss fights, where you have time to stack you censure, keep up you inquisition the dps comes with - Your main dps + mastery which is a bonus

NEVER think luck just determines your dps...
12/19/2010 10:27 AMPosted by Qlrune
NEVER think luck just determines your dps...

Without the RNG it doesn't matter, if you don't get procs your DPS suffers considerably.
Qlrune, don't you think that your DPS jumping by 3k kinda determines your DPS? Yes, it's not the only factor but it's annoying how our hardest hitting attacks are reliant on it.
Ya thats my point I think there's too much of a fluctuation with our dps.

Again I just find it odd that I can go from 3rd overall dps to top in a few mob pulls because Art of War proc'd a few times or Hand of Light for that matter.

I feel like its too random and makes our dps jump around too much and causes inconsistencies.
Retribution dealt with this for all of Vanilla and most of TBC.
Enhancement dealt with it for all of Vanilla and TBC.

Both were changed (eventually) with WotLK. Why Blizzard has decided to go back on this and make Retribution RNG reliant again is a mystery to us all. It's not necessarily a problem with DPS; I'm certain that our DPS is there. The issue is the RNG factor that causes huge fluctuations that results in a huge range in what you will average for DPS in a given time frame. This is more noticeable in short fights, obviously, but it's a pain in the ass when everything procs and your locked down with GCDs. Oh look, Art of War and Hand of Light both procced. Then Exorcism procced Divine Purpose while HoL was still up, wasting a proc. Then when you used TV on the HoL, DP procced again...

It's too clunky. It needs to be looked at, and this is FAR from a L2P issue that so many spout.
meh - dps doesn't make a difference. It all ends up just becoming an average anyway. The true story teller is Damage Done. You'll probably always be below ranged since we have to run away from the stuff that blizz decided they would screw over melee once again with.

If you are below a DK it's because their OP. Don't try to argue DK's you know you are.
If you are below a Warrior it's because they have better gear.
If you are below a rogue it's because you are likely doing something incorrect or you are not hit capped.
etc. etc.

As far as the OP aren't hit capped, you aren't anywhere close to exp capped...and you have mostly greens/old pieces. I wouldn't expect to be anywhere close to the top of the meter - even the tank likely would do more dps.
I would like to accentuate how ridiculously important hit is. Prior to being hit capped, I did 3.4-4k dps. After hitting 8%, I'm now doing 9-12k.

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