RET - Backup so DPS

yeah DPS is so proc base how can they ever fix it...Doubt it. They are have to tweak it or Ret will be the DPS of the past. Raids are going to difficult for in sorry - play another class and we will extend an invitation. I am hearing OOM from healers alot now and have actually been doing backup heals....but Holy Rad cost 10k mana..... I use LoH on tanks now cause healers struggle to keep up.

so Ret is not to DPS they are for backup healers and trim the bosses toe nails...unless you get PROC lucky - then you can do some damage.
AoW is fine, it's HoL that's the issue, and the GC has acknowledged that it's the issue.

in the mean time ret is a lot better than it usually is around a launch.
wow - I hear it is better then in the past - that IMO....very lame. There is no excuse for this......PTR is where these issues should be worked out - but it seems to have to be done on live servers.

PROC DPS is Random luck....inconsistant and to be very honest - sloppy.
pff, PTR?

PTR is the absolute last minute
before that there's an alpha and multiple betas

yeah it's sloppy, but the game release can't be held up by a few sloppy specs.
There are some situations where you should help out when you can.

Such situations could be Al'Akir's Acid Rain aura when it stacks up, Chimaeron's Feud phase, Twilight Council's heavy damage final phase, and Cho'gall's final phase.

Holy Radiance is the spell that comes to mind, but don't let that stop you from using LoH. What is discouraged is spamming Word of Glory as it resets your swing timer and it heals for a paltry amount. It may have a niche here or there, but those specific moments are few and far in between.

In short: You are brought for DPS and the raid buffs you provide. If they wanted another healer, they would get a real healer and not an off-healer that does not exist in Blizzard's design scheme.
12/20/2010 2:40 AMPosted by Yaerius
an off-healer that does not exist in Blizzard's design scheme.

I wouldn't go that far

all the healing classes DPS specs have some amount of healing they can pull out while minimally sacrificing DPS.

and all classes have some self healing.

dps classes taking care of some of the healing load is clearly part of the design.

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