So i've been a Ret paladin for a long time and it wont change. I love running up and whacking a few enemies in the face.
Its what to do for an off spec, i've already commited some time getting gear for Holy spec (its far from complete). And I have done healing as a paladin before Cataclysm came out and it was alright but never close to a Druid or Priest.
I have started other paladin characters and had them on Prot, and despite that they are not high levels and refining tanking rotations and the lot.

Im just very confused on what to do and such, I love dps so that wont change. But I don't know which would be better in the long run. I can't decide on anything, which would be more fun and which is easier to "maintain" in groups and raids?

Please discuss and throw in ideas and tips on the specs.

Thank you

--Short version--

Help me choose an off spec and give me tips!

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