Hurricane vs. Avalanche for Ret

Quick poll, which do you prefer? I noticed more dps with Hurricane.
Hurricane is strictly better so long as it can double proc.
it does for us doesn't it? due to exo etc
I have avalanche on my hammer just because I didn't have the mats at the time for haste.

The haste in the long run is likely better, since its a fairly valuable stat now, but haven't nerd spread sheeted it out yet.

I'd imagine the difference for the time being is pretty minute.
I remember reading a thread on EJ that stated that Hurricane could possibly be worse than Avalanche, and even Berserking, due to a low uptime. Frankly, I don't even see how this is possible. I've never noticed an abnormally low uptime, and occasionally it can double proc. I'd go with Hurricane.
I've had 0 problems with hurricane uptime, I even saw q.q in trade one day how it is so OP that we can double proc it :l
Hurricane is not better for two reasons:

1) if it doesn't double proc, it's terrible

2) it messes up your haste. You always want a "comfortable" haste rating with a CS -> two filler -> CS rotation now that the spell queue system is in place. Any deviations result in clashes, and therefore result in DPS losses.

Stick with Avalanch.
12/20/2010 5:03 PMPosted by Farranor
If this were true, no one would take Sanctity of Battle, since you can fit in two filler spells even with the base 4.5sec CD. The correct ideal rotation is to have ONE filler spell between each CS, or as close as possible to that.

You can obviously fit two filler spells in between a 4.5s CS, but you wouldn't want 1.5-2.5 seconds of wait time, now would you?

CS -> filler -> filler -> CS means that the last CS is used right when it's up, not a half a second after it's up.
12/20/2010 5:14 PMPosted by Farranor

Where are you getting 2.5sec of wait time?

0.00 Cast CS
1.50 Cast, say, TV
3.00 Cast Judgement
4.50 Cast CS

4.5sec CD, two filler abilities.

From being dumb.

But that's also not the point. If you revert to a 1 filler system you need a 3.0s CS to be fluid and clash free, which is a ridiculous amount of haste:


Anything less than this currently unobtainable number results in a clash, and it can be very taxing on DPS if it's not very close to that number. There's an inflection point somewhere, but the idea is that a CS -> filler -> filler -> CS is going to remain superior to anything else unless under the effects of heroism + speed potion for a long time, and deviating from that with Hurricane is going to be of detriment.
i say hurricane for now since it can double proc, and the way to go is one filler the haste from hurricane aint gonna screw any rotation makes you attack faster also so more mastery procs and AoW.

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