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Well let me start off by introducing myself, I am a fairly new WoW player and i just recently created my first Death Knight. Once i finished the starting area i continued my gaming as normal. When i used the Death Gate to go back to the Ebon Hold i was surprised that there was no direct way to get to Orgrimmar or Stormwind or any other main city besides a really long gryphon ride. Since this was my first time i didn't get a chance to make Orgrimmar my home at the inn. As most of you know when you finish the starting zone there are 2 portals that take you to them. i was thinking that there could be two portals that take you to your factions capitals like those. I know this might be a little to much to ask with all the things you guys at blizzard have to do with Cataclysm and all but i hope you guys might consider doing so. If anyone agrees please leave a comment.
Ebon Hold has had no portals passed that phase for 2 years.

I don't see them putting them in now.
Blizzard is OK with having portals and teleporting in some circumstances, but they want us to travel in other circumstances. They view travel as a necessary part of this game.

I have an undead death knight as well, and I don't find the flight to Undercity (or even Silvermoon) to be all that long.

Additionally, if you head to Outland to quest and level you'll eventually reach Shattrath, which will have everything you need. It's centrally located in Outland and never takes that long to reach.
Doesn't seem like that big a deal. You said yourself your forgot to set your hearth when you were in Orgrimmar. It's a simple mistake you can fix without much work.
I just get in a dungeon queue which usually takes 40 mins anyway, flying helps me kill some time.
I have to disagree simply because these aren't needed, as Horde we have the shortest flight to a home city compared to an alliance and it's just one more short zeppelin ride over to org. Short sweet trip
12/20/2010 4:23 PMPosted by Ayladcg
Ebon Hold has had no portals passed that phase for 2 years.

I don't see them putting them in now.

Really? I've never made a DK, so I wasn't awake the portals vanished.
I know this is a thread almost a year old, but I just created my first DK and I believe there would be an abuse issue on a 1 minute CD on basically a hearthstone if they added a portal to Org. But if no portal then AT LEAST give us a class trainer in Org. Jebus.

OTOH I just remembered they are doing away with training for abilities. So...carry on.
smh i was upset that there was no portal back to org in ebon hold...till i started thinking of dk's invadeing org like the demons invaded bc

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