Need some advice please

Could you guys please look at my gears and everything else. Does anything seem off? I just started playin a couple weeks ago and I'm not sure if I'm using the right attributes, gears, etc. I use Retribution. Thanks.
Typically if you want to tank.. Str and Sta pieces, with particular priority on pieces like that that also have Dodge or Parry on them. Mix in Hit and Expertise pieces to help with threat generation.

For Ret, Str, Crit, Hit, Expertise.

For Holy, Int, Spi, Haste/crit

This is not for 80+.. This is for 1-79.
str > agi > int

not that agi and int are wasted stats, just not even a third as good.

also, go to the AH and buy your self some glyphs
Thanks for the quick replies.

For example, I'm comparing two different wristguards. One gives me an an extra 10 strength, but I lose say 24 armor and -10 stamina with the other. Still focus on strength? That's usually what throws me off a lot.
unless you're dieing a lot the strength is better, even for prot
Ok thanks. That clears a lot up for me.

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