50 Paladin needs lvl Talent Advice

What talents do i go with, whats most efficient?

I haven't played in 2 years, and i remember loving my Paladin way more than ANY other class i lvl'd to 70. Any and all advice is appreciated, thanks guys.

spec prot:

gear for strength, agility and stamina. Intelligence is fine in a pinch.

when you can hit and expertise too.
I forgot to say that im using Sul'Thraze the Lasher as a 2 hander. Not sure if there is stuff thats better out there now, but this 2 hander used to be the best.
great two hander. Good enough for me to link you a ret spec to use it with:
Both links were in Prot, is that correct?

Prot is where i should be?

you should be prot, it's pretty much just pain better for leveling.

slightly less mobility and single target damage. . . and much better survival multitarget/AoE damage and instant lfg queues

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