At which point did Purify get named Cleanse?

I'm just wondering what the hell happened and who in there right minds thought Cleanse should become Purify and the only way to get an actual Cleanse spell, would be to spec Holy...They could have just made a better talent for holy pallys and made it so that you would have to get Glyph of Cleanse and make it take up a Major glyph spot, Instead they completely destroyed what pallys have had since vanilla WoW. Now I walk around having to fight against priests / shammys / locks with all kinds of Dots and magic abilities and all I can do is cleanse a poison or disease that they don't have save for Devouring Plague =/ Does anyone else feel as hurt by this bad talent decision as I do?
Non-healers in all classes had their "Cleans"ing abilities reduced. Healers are expected to do the Cleansing and all of them have extra goodies in their healing trees.
Actually I didn't realize it was all classes that could dispel, that's my mistake ^^ But I'd also like to know what goodies your talking about lol "your cleanse ability now also dispels 1 magic effect" that just seems like what my old cleanse used to do and nothing more =/ at least make it give a HP point, or cost less mana, or make it so if we actually remove a harmful effect from the target our next heal will give an extra amount of health back by a certain % like 3% or something just to make it seem worth while. But I guess being able to take off a potentially fatal debuff can also make it worth while

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