Retribution needs an adjustment

So just made it to the last boss of Heroic Deadmines. Considering that it is only the third or fourth heroic that I have run, our group did really well, with a minimum of wiping. Until the last boss.

I was told to focus on DPSing down the adds, and that is what I did. Well we wiped, but it was very close. The second, third, and the fourth time, my group wanted us not to use our cool downs till the boss was down to 25% then try to burn him down. (turns out it doesn't quite work that way, but that is another story.)

I got kicked because my DPS dropped. A lot.

Which brings me to my point. Single target DPS, like on a boss, is ok, but I still think it should be a bit better. But for groups, or for switching between a lot of targets, I find that DPS is kinda substandard.

I didn't get very many Art of War procs during the last boss, or HoL procs, which explain part of it. But I also feel that as Retribution, I have to rely too much on Avenging Wrath and Hammer of Wrath for a big chunk of my DPS.

It isn't a learn to play issue. I usually do decently, use my crowd control and know how to work with a group and not stand in the fire. I've done research on how to play my class and on how to squeeze the most DPS out. In fact until the last boss, I was always the last to die on the few times we did wipe. In fact the couple of times that we did wipe was due to a bad pull by the tank, and he even admitted to it. Go figure.

I am sure that it has been said before, but we really do need an adjustment to the RNG part of our playstyle, and our Mastery.

I'm not asking for our class to be made OP. But i would like to be brought up to par with some of the other classes.

It is just frustrating to wait so long to get into a dungeon, make it to the last boss, and then get kicked. Especially since for most of the dungeon until the last boss i was playing very well. (better than another who caused us to wipe a few times before the boss.)
it's HoL

it was a last minute hack job, and it doesn't work.

GC's on the job.

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