Paladin DPS: post data here

Yzieman in the dps forums has posted an interesting compilation of raid parses. You'll find retribution near the bottom for each boss, clustered with non-raiding, or soon to be non-raiding, specs from classes that have multiple dps specs. In other words, every other class has a better dps option than paladins.

Wow meters online provides a useful comparison of the average top fifty performers from each class in their data bank, for each boss.

World of logs lists the top individual performers for each raid boss.

Elitist Jerks theorycrafts max dps by class and spec.

All of them indicate that retribution is performing poorly. I am aware of no data that suggests otherwise, but if it is out there I would dearly like to see it.

I suggest that the class needs further work. I fear us being seen as lolret again.

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