Earthen Ring Cataclysm Progression Thread

Earthen Ring
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Updated thru post 20. We got a Sticky!
Old Guard got Halfus Wyrmbreaker on 10 man tonight
Starcaller got Atramedes.
Updated to post 23.
Riddle (25m) defeated OMNOTRON DEFENSE SYSTEM
Corvus Coalition got Omnomnom Defense System.

10-man, that is.
The Old Guard downed the Conclave of Wind in a 10-man tonight.
Got everything thru post 27.
Corvus got Conclave of Wind 10 man. We only had 7/10 raid members in the guild, though, so it didn't register as a "guild kill". Curse people having family show up randomly!

Also, realized I didn't do this before, our website is located at
Starcaller got Valiona & Theralion.
Bacon Bandits got Maloriak
Bacon Bandits also got Halfus Wyrmbreaker
Starcaller got Chimaeron (and Full of Sound and Fury).
Shadow Remains got Chimaeron.
Alea Iacta Est Verendus took down Magmaw.

Thread and spreadsheet updated to post 34. Kills will need to be recognized as 8/10 or 19/25 raid group members please.
Succession here, second raid-night, Omnotron and Maloriak down.
12/30/2010 10:58 PMPosted by Mortoy
Succession here, second raid-night, Omnotron and Maloriak down.

You mean... Magmaw?

or can you skip him, i don't even know
Also, are we tracking achievements for raids (the italics)? If so, Starcaller also has Parasite Evening for Magmaw.

edits and double posts lol: And you didn't add V&T to us :(
No, we got that **!#* last week.

What Mortoy said was undeadly accurate.
Magmaw is the only optional boss of the first tier. If you don't feel like doing him, just don't go left upon zoning in.
Ok, got all you guys and girls updated thru post 39. Yes, meta achievements will show in Italics.

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