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Earthen Ring
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SR got Al'akir.
Updated thru post 61.

Congrats to S.R. for the first Cho'Gall and Al'akir kills!
Weeknight Warriors has downed Omnitron on Jan 3rd and also Conclave on Jan 5th. We got Magmaw last week but it seems you guys already updated that. Got the Parasite Evening on that Magmaw kill too.

We are a newly formed guild made up of ex AIE members and some transfers from Frostwolf server.

Working on our website now which is at

Good job and good luck to all the other raiding teams out there!
The Old Guard has now also killed Halfus in 25 man.
Bacon Bandits killed the Conclave of Wind
Flammable Marmots (A) Magmaw 10 man kill, January 6th
AIE got Halfus Wrymbreaker(10) tonite
rebirth some how killed magmaw and omitron between gold farming and trolling
Updated thru post 68.
Riddle downed Halfus on 25m on Thursday.
Førce got 10 man Omnotron , Magmaw 01/07/2010
AIE took down Omnotron tonight (7th).

Sheet updated thru post 72.
Just to clarify, the majority of the members of Bacon Bandits reside in Natures Elite (7/12 members). I only say this because you have both Bacon Bandits and Natures Elite listed.
Denizen is a newly formed 10 man alliance guild. We did our first night of raiding yesterday and downed Magmaw and Omnotron.
Starcaller got the worst Al'Akir kill ever, LOL
Corvus got Magmaw.
Starcaller got Cho'Gall and Defender of a Shattered World for 12/12.

here is a screenshot wow check out that cool font

makes me want to disco
Riddle of Steel got Valiona and Theralion
AIE had a wonderful Parasite Evening tonight.


So which group needs to stay, Bacon Bandits or Nature's Elite?


Congrats to Starcaller for the new title!

Sheet updated thru post 79
Valiona and Theralion down to Corvus Coalition.

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