Idea for a Tank Talent

I'm still bothered by the small amount of single target abilities paladins have for tanking and was thinking about how it's also pretty awkward that we're expected to use holy wrath in a single target rotation. So how about this: make a protection talent that makes exorcism instant cast, but shares a cooldown with holy wrath. Holy wrath will remain used for AOE while exorcism would be preferred for single target. I'm unsure of the numbers but if exorcism is currently weaker than holy wrath, preferably the talent would make exorcism also do a bit more single target damage than holy wrath.
it is a bit strange to be using an AoE focused attack against single targets, but it doesn't have much of an impact - it's just a filler for our already ample amount of single target heavy hitters. giving us exorcism and making it superior would buff our already powerful threat for no real gain other than aesthetics (and of course the extra threat itself).

not the worst idea spawned in these forums, but still unlikely to happen.
Before reading this thread, I had never thought about using holy wrath as part of my tanking rotation. Now that I think about it, its probably a great idea and would be useful for when I lose threat on those wayward targets, which I have tended to do every now and then ( I just started tanking.) Anyways, I don't think adding exorcism to our rotation would benefit us. If its a single target, that makes it all the easier to use Hand Of Reckoning(I think our taunt is called?) IF we need it, and thats if using AS, CS, and judge doesn't generate enough threat right off the back. As the rotation continues, you still have conc and hopefully AS procs, as well as our shield bash. So, I think that adding another attack wouldnt really provide any new necessary benefits.

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