Warrior Arms PVP Caps

Hello everyone!

Im a full pvp Warrior and im Arms spec...

I want ur advice about my build of talents and ask some questions:

1- whats the cap for hit rating and expertise? (for pvp just)

2- reforge all critical rating after the caps?

3- any site with all these informations about warrior pvp ?

4- whats the best gems to put and the best meta gem?

5- Whats the best race for warr pvp ?

Thank you for your atention!

1. 5 %Hit. Don't worry about expertise, people can't parry or dodge from behind.
2. Don't know.
3. Arenajunkies.com
4. Fleet Shadowspirit Diamond atm for meta, iirc. Red slots= 40 str, yellow= 20str/20 crit or 40 crit rating, blue= str/hit, str/stam. Not sure if there is a green gem worth using.
5. Horde- orc, alliance- worgen. Goblin might work for horde with Rocket Jump/Rocket launcher.

your best bet is reading stuff on arena junkies.
1) 5% hit, 4.25% expertise should cover caster dodge cap.
2) Yes, crit is the best stat to reforge ATM, MS crits keep your enrage up.
3) http://www.arenajunkies.com/forumdisplay.php?f=54
4) Use CSD and gem hit or.. wait for blizz to patch CSD and gem Str.
Alliance: Gnome > Worgen > NE (shadowmeld is okay) = Dwarf (stoneform is not terrible)
Horde: Orc, BE or Goblin are all good > Tauren is okay (War stomp DRs intercept/throwdown)
Everything seems like what I've been reading. I just started to do pvp in arms. I was always better in fury for some reason, but once I was able to get used to arms it seems damage control and interupts/ccs are a little better in arms.

Regarding the race, I always heard orcs were the best on the horde side and I heard humans were the best warriors for alliance. They have a racial called every man for himself and would allow an extra trinket for the strength proc.

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