PvP Rating & Conquest Item Adjustments

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As many of you are aware there was an issue which allowed players to reach unexpectedly high Match Making Values. While that issue has since been resolved, we're taking steps to control what occurred while it was active.

    • All existing items requiring 2200 rating will have their minimum level requirement temporarily increased to make those items unusable. This change is currently planned to be reverted on January 25.
    • Weapons which require a 2200 rating will be unavailable for purchase. This limitation is also planned for reversion on January 25.
    • All player and team ratings for arenas will be reduced to a maximum of 1500. (Player, team and matchmaking ratings below 1500 will not be affected)
    • Match Making Values for all players will be set to 1500.

In addition, the "best week rating" will be reduced to a maximum of 1500 to match the rating change, which will in turn be used to determine next week's max weekly Conquest Points. The maximum Conquest Points given for next week will be set to 1343 to match the number that would be obtainable with a rating of 1500.
I love you.
Ahh, I see the thread isnt locked, so all those over 1500 will be reset to 1500, and we are free to go above that?

And when is this all coming in? Is a server reset planned? I hope we don't have to wait a week.
well thank god, now all the badiators will have to EARN the title
fantastic news
12/21/2010 11:22 PMPosted by Flamestar

Yes, what is happening to the acheivements?

Will they be reset or will they just remain?
Finally, thanks Blizzard.
Let me get this straight: You can't buy 2200 weapons until Jan. 25, despite the fact that anyone above 2200 rating would be able to buy the weapon in one or two weeks and the fact that PVEers will be able to get the equivalent of 2200 weapons throughout the next month?

I can't even compile words to explain how flat-out stupid that is.
I also gather exploiters won't be punished and get to keep their ill gotten gains?
Can you reset the Achievements too?

Rating achievements are how alot of ppl determine arena partners.
Thank god no more 1500 heros running around with 2200+

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