PvP Rating & Conquest Item Adjustments

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Wow. Just wow.
Can you please remove achievements that people got to as they did not earn it.
Hope they are also resetting achievements people got, i.e arena master, 2200, 2400 in 3s etc
ya if they do not reset achievements it will be bull*!&*
12/22/2010 4:25 AMPosted by Triv
Wait, so everyone's rank will be reset to 1500? My team started late, so it will be nice to start all at once with everyone else :)

No, only if you got above 1500 will you get 1500.
All items should be taken back and everyone that did arena and got max points should be rewarded 1364 pts and all achievement should be rerolled.
12/21/2010 11:20 PMPosted by Frosteh
I love you.

And that is the kind of action is what I was waiting from the company which runs the game I pay for.
is it odd that i prefer male sex organs over female sex organs?
So um what was the exploit??? And How the hell do people find these things?
12/22/2010 5:10 AMPosted by Jakzorz
Hey look, it may not be fair considering that half the retards that were sitting on 1800+ could never achiev 1000 if it wasn't for their OP feralness. However, at least they are doing something and for that I thank blizzard. Now, about that feral/mage/rogue OP bug. Technically it's the same issue. Unfair advantage being exploited. Fix thanks bye.

lol, I guess that is going to be the next big subject once this reset business is over. Frost mages and feral druids, I see a mob starting to gather with burning torches and pitch folks.

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