PvP Rating & Conquest Item Adjustments

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12/22/2010 4:48 AMPosted by Ðoom
wow i just got my 2200 raiting and i DID NOT USE THE GLITCH and let me tell you rofl this pisses me off. so the people who got there team 2200 + have to suffer for dumb ass's that cheated? ban them GG why reset all the teams who didint use it? also why make the 2200 weps available at a late date? ill be 2200 in like 2 weeks after the reset cuz my team will arena alot so once were there what we just wait?

The sad tears ;D even if u didnt cheat u might have fought teams that cheated = getting lots of points for beating crappy teams. My 3s partners were aware of this situation we didnt want to get pass 1500 in case of a reset.
While I do not play arena, Leaving people without weapons just seems like a very poor decision,
especially if there trying to punish people for cheating.. Wait let me re-phrase that;using unintended game mechanics.

Strip the Achievements and revert their conquest points to 0 with no chance of getting conquest points until Jan 25th instead.

12/21/2010 11:26 PMPosted by Bathshiva
lol everyone who got the achievements will forever be known as noobs by anyone who playes by looking at the date on them thats good enough

Is that so?

1. Arena Master - What if someone got 2200 in all venues during this exploitation, save Last Man Standing, and then rig that in like 3 months? They get arena master with a date free of exploitation.
2. Remembrance - If you see an achievement for Frostwolf Perfection dated 11/24/08, does it seem any less difficult to acquire (And it IS difficult to acquire, I got it AFTER my AV Veteran achievement) than one marked 6/10/10? Probably not. But during the month of November, 08, the Alliance were boycotting AV, and Hordes were entering 40v5 AV's and steamrolling - every single AV was a perfection. On the contrary, around the middle of June 2010, "zerging" was all the rage, generals died in about 30 seconds from a 5-man group, etc. Point is -- people forget.

This fix.. is completely foolish. This is what the fix SHOULD have been:

1. Revert everybody's conquest point cap for THIS week to 1343 -- that way, people can obtain more conquest points NEXT week, if they legitimately earn the rating.
2. Remove all already-obtained conquest points from players from THIS week who obtained more than 1343 (If this is impossible/too difficult, just remove ALL gained conquest points from this week ("this week" defined as yesterday and this morning), and then allow people to re-obtain their 1343 for this week).
3. Remove all arena gear bought after yesterday (This makes sense -- yesterday, people who had high arena ratings were also allowed to obtain huge point values (supposedly as high as 8k+), and these people are now rolling around with several epics that your fix doesn't appear to address).


1. Reset all conquest points and conquest gear from everybody.
2. Don't allow for the acquisition of Conquest Points this week.
3. Give everyone 1343 conquest points, as if they all did 1500 arenas for two weeks -- this is fair because the first week people legitimately got 1343 points, and this week nobody DESERVED to be ALLOWED to obtain more than 1343 points because of the MMR inflation.

While I think that option 1 is the cleaner, more surgeon-like approach, I also acknowledge that it might require too many resources to execute.

On the other hand, while option 2 also solves all the problems, it seems a little more blanket/crude. Its drawbacks are minor, however -- it awards conquest points to people who didn't actually earn any (Only 2 weeks worth, and that's like nothing, and it isn't even hard to earn them (5 arena wins -- you know?)), and people who legitimately earned the points to purchase gear that they gemmed/enchanted.. will have lost their gems/enchants for nothing.

Going to make this into a thread, since this seriously deserves consideration -- the current "fix" that is proposed doesn't solve several issues and poorly solves others at best.
I was wishing that you also ban/lock all the ppl that abuse from this exploit, but something is something ^^
12/22/2010 12:14 AMPosted by Worgenmage

How do you figure? since the bads keep what they made thus far, and no one gets anything till the 25th Jan, and for all this week arenaing is pretty useless unless you are under 1500.

If anything this affects legit players far more. (I should add I won't be affected either way).

But this fix, isnt really a fix. In all honesty, id prefer full reset right now, all conquest points wiped, weapons wiped, and let us just get on with it. Waiting 2 weeks to raise cap, waiting 5 weeks for T2.....

What makes you more legit than anyone else...get over yourself, its people with attitudes like yours that make this game not enjoyable to play

if you dont enjoy it why play?
just another case of blizz punishing exceptional player cause of ppl whinning.as i see it.just my opinion
This is stupid. Did I read it right that all MMR is starting back to 1500? So season's of hard work to obtain 2200+ MMR is wiped in 1 week? And I'll have to grind out 50+ games (per bracket) to get it back?......................
12/22/2010 5:46 AMPosted by Kilobyte
This is stupid. Did I read it right that all MMR is starting back to 1500? So season's of hard work to obtain 2200+ MMR is wiped in 1 week? And I'll have to grind out 50+ games (per bracket) to get it back?......................

May I ask how you got 2200 in the past, and you are only 1800 with the MMR bug?

But to answer your question, yes.
Here is your tissue.
You must know nothing about programming if you think it takes 5 minutes.
12/22/2010 6:08 AMPosted by Deathtoucher
You must know nothing about programming if you think it takes 5 minutes.

The bug is already fixed. The T2's are unaccessable. The programming for the most part is done, unless of course they look at chasing up the exploiters and removing achievements. But im not holding my breath.
12/21/2010 11:22 PMPosted by Flamestar

That's what people want to know now. Both achievements and arena statistics should be reset to what they once were before the beginning of the season.

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