PvP Rating & Conquest Item Adjustments

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im rattled.
Did they fix it yet?
does this mean weapons will req 1800 rating like before?
I'm confused on the raising the conquest point cap. It begins changing after you reach 1500?
Where are my weapons!
Yeah wehres my weapons!?!
nice upgrade
Are there t2 weaps yet?

Do the 2200 rating epic armor set have better stats than the regular pvp epic set?
no 2200 gear (upgraded 2200 gear) out yet. and servers just came up. f.a.i.l.
Best thing about this thread - it probably won't get deleted as all others
well 25th is here and no peep about why we dont have T2 weaps in the game yet. GG
Just be glad they didn't reset all of the ratings again. Because 4.0.6 fixes sooo many PvP issues.
Are we talking about the same game here? Could swear I am wearing pvp gear (mostly) because its better, yet same tier level, than the current raid gear.
Sure was nice to get a ArP trinket for warriors from PVP... oh wait i had to do Nax during TOC to even think of arenaing
suprises!!! this is what happens when blizz release a game on time, it plays out just like the beta with all the bugs, glitches, miss texts, mobs not counts as their type (aka undead mobs not being effected by pally spells), cut sense with no voice overs. really what do they spend your 15$ a month on, im sure its not to prove the game in anyway, and wasn't years of beta testing the reason why we wouldn't had this problem like :

*Arena MMR glitch (the reason why we can get our weapons)
*Arena Master achievement glitch ( where if you were in a 3v3 and one person left the match it will give you the achievement for 2200 2v2 if the 3v3 is 2200. same with 5v5)
*Rated battle Ground glitch (when we someone in the group would rank up the win would count as a lose and no points would be gain)
*Rated battle Ground MMR glitch ( cause of the 1st rbg glitch, this effects your mmr some on in a good way some in a bad way )

and im sure due to the rated battle ground glitches is also the reason why they didn't release the weapons cause this was report after this blue post was made, so once again they have to fix something that shouldn't had been broken in the 1st place

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