PvP Rating & Conquest Item Adjustments

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That did not happen, I look every day that the teams are in first place. and one of the Gurubashi, arena after it was released after the cataclysm, they Ferro Gaita were first rated in 2401, and today they are up to that rating, so that information that you decreased the rating for 1500, is unfounded.
and I'll say one thing, the system of rating points are bugged, some problem, my double team earns superior rating with sets and well above, and gained 6 points, at most 10 points, and other strong teams who win the We're seeing that we are earning 96 points, 36 points ...
there's something wrong there.
I wonder why that?
i love you
I just saw the same thing. Just when I thought I was gonna get a couple items they ninja increase everything and don't say a word about it. Wasn't a little increase either.
Will the 2.2k armor get a stat boost or is it strictly color change?
Now they need to work on equality of rating changes in win/loose situations.Im tired of being the only player in my 10 man rated bg group to loose 19 points for every loss and while everyone in my team soar to 22 and 2400 ratings im left at 1700.

Please blizz...zz
I highly agree that rating awarded is bugged big time b ecause in my 10 man group upon a loss nobody looses rating buut me,ther all at 22-2400 while i cannot pass 1700.
I have so many trobules getting into an arena. I have had no success on my toon. I tryed asking my guild about it and when i ask they just blow it off. I like my guild and everything but i wish they would tell me somthing about the arena. I created an arena eam but i deleted it because i did not have a real reason to own one because like i am going to be able to get any other toon into the team. I also have trouble getting into a conquest i ask my fellow guildies but they just dont answer and when i get people for one they are to not very patiet. Then when i get ready for one and about ot get in it is to late and i have to go. Also Winters Grasp how do u get in it do you have to go to the battle ground just to go it?
this is how you fix that http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7SQIoADqzI
Vicious Gladiator's Left Ripper] the reg one still costs 950 so why does the 2200 cost 2450 is this a bug or how its coing to be i mean its a offhand shouldnt it be like the shiv and be 950?
what's up with rated Bgs.I was in a group tonight who tried for the first time.Mostly raiders, but have been doing reg BGs for honor gear and thought it would be fun.My warrior has all that can be bought with honor so I'm around 3k resilience.We fought the same team twice that was players 1700 or higher rating with 5000 conquest achevements.They practically one shot me, like i had no gear,let alone pvp gear.I thought new teams went with other new teams or at least low rated.
If there aren't enough new teams to make a win possible how hard would it be to add some kind of buff.
I now see why some are so geared.They go against new teams and get conquest as a gift.
My main point and question is "why put a new team who say have 4 trys and 4 loses in against a team with 1700 rating and conquest gear?"
I was so eager to play and now I think since I didn't get in early and get conquest there is no hope of a win,so why bother.
You're just helping blizzard give the geared teams even more easy gear.

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