PvP Rating & Conquest Item Adjustments

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I think for some races it was overly massive and would dip into the ground while they walked.
ahh i still dnt know how arena rating advance. per week does your cap go up based on personal rating beyond 1.3k or team rating? (this pertains to arena. not rated bgs)
12/21/2010 11:12 PMPosted by Daxxarri
maximum of 1500 to match the rating change, which will in turn be used to determine next week's max weekly Conquest Points. The maximum Conquest Points given for next week will be set to 1343 to match the number that would be obtain
I'd like to know why purple pvp gear is being dropped in pve dungeons. Some pve'rs have gotten great pvp gear that the rest of us have to earn. That should be addressed immediately.
Is anything being done about he buggy MMR in arena atm?

Why do I lose 50 mmr when I fight a team 400mmr above me and lose, yet lose 10 mmr when I lose to a team at my own rating??
I HATE the NEW size of this weapon! I have been complaining for months now it seems! I am SO mad at the lack of attention that has received! I have wrote to 10+ tickets and ALL of them have said: "For further assistance please visit the Forums!"


I and MANY others have turned to the Forums and NOT ONE of us have been heard! I have made a few posts complaining about the new size of this mace and I hate the fact that I am forced to hunt Gnomes with a Golf Club infuriates me! When I first bought it, it resembled a VW Bug on a stick! I LIKED THAT! I HATE this reduced size! I am not rich! I cannot afford a $500K car to over compensate for my mid-life crisis! FIX MY MACE!

it says they fixed it?!?! how come any time the last person alive leaves the arena before dying that team loses NO RATING, and the winnign team gains NO RATING?

so. blizz basicaly, in short simple terms, if your about to lsoe an arena match, if one person leaves the match, you wont be losing the rating points you should, it is a blatent cheat, it stops that team from getting the ratings they actually deserve, and the winning teams dont get the points they jsut earned, that is an unfair advantage if ive ever seen one, but you guys are all over the burtys hat size glitch or w/eit is... are you kidding me? something purly cosmetic that gives no unfair advantage, yet, in arenas , the one area of the game where competitiveness is at its peak, and you allow that, and pallys to have a mario star ?!?!?!?!?!?!! i guess ill stay away from arenas until its back to "bring the player not teh class" and " jsut leave before you die and its all good"

EDIT the typos and mispells show my frustration, so fk it . im leaving them in =D
edit 2 .i only did a couple more arenas after learning how corrupted teh season has apparently been. but hopeing they have it all worked out today (season starts back )
well its nice to see that thank you for doing one nice thing to us in 4.2 bliz!!
well its gonna come around and its gonna get better shaftie
Hey i forgot how to disband an arena team and i was realm changing when i noticed i had to so how do i?
does Rated BG rating increase ur conquest cap per week - if so what rating is required for it
It looks like the starting cata gear has outclassed the 80's pvp gear. The 70 pvp gear is definitely overpowered by the cata 77-79 gears. I think you should throw in another set of pvp gear for that stage to balance it again. It might seem ridiculous but avid pvp'ers will have the points to get more gear for another set at around 78, if u dont ridiculously price them. Coming into a bg and getting slammed by someone in cata greens is getting old fast. Especially after working so hard to acquire a full pvp set for the 70 range.
I have been running 3s with a mage and dk. I know this may not be the best comp, but we manage to stay about 50% of our matches. I know my 1400 rating is a joke, but being new to arena's I am noticing a trend. Most of the time we are matched with a similar MMR team, but when we lose the other team will get around a 96 point bump and we lose 18ish. However I have faced the same exact team on our next que, so we change our strat and pull off a win. The other team will lose 0 points and we will gain 18ish. Can any one explain why this happens. I have contacted gms with ticket after ticker, but the only response is blah blah blah we are looking into it...

I am just looking for an answer, am I doing some thing wrong here?

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