PvP Rating & Conquest Item Adjustments

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Will those with a cap of higher than 1343 be keeping the points they have already earned for this week? For example, my arena teammates have a cap of 2567 and have either gained all 2567 or nearly. I am one of those who was never given the new cap and was stuck at 1343 even though I should have had a new cap of 2567 like that of my arena partners. Will I be able to get those points I should have had or do my partners get to just keep their points that they have now spent and I just get left behind b/c lolol I was bugged/glitched?
Curious, I don't get why you are making it so you can't get t2 weapons until jan 25.

Good move on putting MMR and Team Rating down to 1500.
When is this rank normalization taking place? Next maintenance? If so, is there a point to doing arena this week?
People, the arena season started, what, a week ago? If you genuinely think that anyone should be getting the top tier arena gear and weapons within a week of the season starting, then you are just being unrealistic. To compare it to a pve raiding situation, as I see it is being done so already...

pve guild:

Starts raiding about a week after cata, so that members can get gear

week 1 - normal modes, possibly clears the instance if they are a good guild

week 2 - normal modes again, hardmodes are just too hard (numbers wise, not skill wise, it's impossible to beat a hardmode enrage timer in 333 gear, unless you are one of the top guilds in the world)

week 3- more guilds start hardmodes, but lets be realistic here, if 3 weeks into the expansion, Sinestra was dropping, it would be a problem. It took *quite* a while to kill algalon in ulduar.

week 4- by week 4 of raiding, most competant guilds will have cleared the whole of the normal mode instances, and the top guilds in the world will have a fair number of heroic modes under their belts.

Yet, with all that in consideration, you're expecting the arena gear-progression to look like this?

Week 1- level up

week 2- Get the best possible rewards for arenas that you can get.

it's just unrealistic
12/21/2010 11:29 PMPosted by Lopez
Let me get this straight: You can't buy 2200 weapons until Jan. 25, despite the fact that anyone above 2200 rating would be able to buy the weapon in one or two weeks and the fact that PVEers will be able to get the equivalent of 2200 weapons throughout the next month?

I can't even compile words to explain how flat-out stupid that is.

At least you can choose the next pice of gear you get.
nb4 VP venders that totally have weapons on them.

week 3- more guilds start hardmodes, but lets be realistic here, if 3 weeks into the expansion, Sinestra was dropping, it would be a problem. It took *quite* a while to kill algalon in ulduar.

I have to comment on this, the only reason it took *quite* a while to kill Algalon was because you only had 1 hour a week to do him and he was untested in the PTR so no one had any idea what he did. The current hardmodes are (obviously) hard, which is why you only see 1 or 2 new ones being downed a day. There isn't any uncontrollable BS timers like WotLK had to make it seem like it was harder, all hardmodes where up and ready from week 2 and it's week 3 now.
My only issue with this week is that I chose this week to start up an arena "career" mainly because I was sick and tired of the gib fest that was late s7 and s8 (this guy was leveled up after I raided Uld with my sham, so I missed prior seasons) and enjoyed the new aff and the slower pace of Cata.

Now, however, my achievements (as pathetic as they are, they still are supposed to show SOME competance) are "tainted" by the MMR bug, which me and my arena partner never once abused, used, or depended on. Forever I'll be grouped with cheaters because of the timestamp of said achievements.

Yay Blizzard~

The reset was needed, however.
I still dont get why people are claiming the qq is about the reset, again its not about it being reset, its the fact this reset will take 2-5 weeks before things can return to "normal"

All those clapping and applauding who have read 1% of the thread will be back qq'ing themselves in a weeks time about YET another week of 1343 caps.......
Im so glad that my team just worked hard to get to 2200 good job blizzard dont punish the abusers but the whole lot cause you cant fix your system.
you cant even look at it that way because te 2200 weapon required the lower weapon which was 3400 point the cap was 3000 a week, so at minimum 3 week to just get the weapon, ontop of that you would be getting none of the main set. Else where in lolpvescriptedfight world you can farm these bosses every week and get mutipule items in 1 raid id.
12/21/2010 11:12 PMPosted by Daxxarri
As many of you are aware there was an issue which allowed players to reach unexpectedly high Match Making Values. While that issue has since been resolved, we're taking steps to control what occurred while it was active.

    • All existing items requiring 2200 rating will have their minimum level requirement temporarily increased to make those items unusable. This change is currently planned to be reverted on January 25.
    • Weapons which require a 2200 rating will be unavailable for purchase. This limitation is also planned for reversion on January 25.
    • All player and team ratings for arenas will be reduced to a maximum of 1500. (Player, team and matchmaking ratings below 1500 will not be affected)
    • Match Making Values for all players will be set to 1500.

In addition, the "best week rating" will be reduced to a maximum of 1500 to match the rating change, which will in turn be used to determine next week's max weekly Conquest Points. The maximum Conquest Points given for next week will be set to 1343 to match the number that would be obtainable with a rating of 1500.

Well done.. Im happy to hear this. Its such a pity that those who did exploit the system wont receive a penalty.

I would urge Blizzard to find the worst offenders and perma ban them. I cant stand cheaters and the more of them that are punished the better the gameplay for the rest of us.

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