Pre Holy Raiding questions.

I am just wondering if someone could tell me what my avg ilvl should be before I start raiding as holy, I just recently hit 85 and I plan on starting heroics at this point so I can get gear for raiding.. I was just wondering if any other holy pally's out there could awensor this question for me.
First, you need to get to Avg iLvl 329 to be able to have access to heroics and raids, so this will be your first goal after you hit lvl 85. After that, there is no set in stone number for raids but aim for ilvl 349.

Remember, you can get many decent ilvl 349 items from the <Justice Quartermaster> in Orgrimmar (Horde) or Stormwind (Alliance). A regular daily dungeon will give you 75 Justice Points, and each boss you down in a heroic dungeon will give you 75 justice Points as well.

Enjoy :)
Good post above. Also, dont get too wrapped around the wheel about gear. Its important, no doubt, but being a good player/healer > gear. Get your heroic gear, and have fun. Work on not overhealing, keeping people up, maximizing HPS and fine tuning your mana managment. Hone those skills and you will KNOW when you are ready to step into a raid environment.
True. You will quickly notice that healing at lvl 85 in Cata is VERY different than what you are used to in WotLK. Focus your heals on your tank, judge every chance you get in order go get some mana back, use holy shock often to build you holy power. Divine Light is you "big heal" but don't even consider spamming it. Use it when the tank is about to take heavy damage. The DPS should know how NOT to stand in the fire, don't waste a lot of your mana healing them if they make mistakes, unless you are comfortable that the tank will not need that heal. They can survive at 50% hp for a while without healing. If they QQ, tell them to pick up First Aid and lrn2play.

Paladin healing in Cata is about mana management and making choices that fits the situation you are facing. You will not make the right choice every time, you will certainly not make the right choices when you just start to heal in Cata. But as you do more instances, and experiment a bit, you will find a way that works for you and suits you healing style.

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