Paladins, Races & Lore

Hey guys just wanted to open a chat about people opinions on paladins and their background story, and how their lore effects and influences races. Plus id love to know a little bit more about the whole story of the beginning of the paladins lore etc.

Also the reason why undead cant be paladins? since they useto be human paladins & they can be priests anyways.

And whats the story behind the tauren paladin?
Well you can find most or all of this stuff on WoWWiki, but here's what I know:

Human paladins were created after the First War (Warcraft: Orcs vs. Humans) when it became apparent that clerics were simply too squishy to be thrown into battle. (Subsequently paladins were the only unit that could heal in Warcraft II). Uther the Lightbringer was the first paladin and led them until Arthas killed him. The humans also brought these teachings to the dwarves, whose orderly and martial society was well-suited for creating paladins.

Draenei as far as I know have been paladins ever since they discovered the Naaru and their teachings. Likewise the Blood Elves captured a Naaru and siphoned its power to create the first Blood Knights, although I am unsure whether this continues to be the case.

Tauren paladins do not draw their power from the rather Force-like Light, but from the sun. This difference is subtle (and from a game standpoint, meaningless) but allows paladins to fit in neatly with the Tauren emphasis on earth-worship

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