Eng Goggles/Cogs for Holy Paly

So eventually I am going to get into heroics and start going after my chaos orb and was wondering what most Holy Palys are using for cogs with them.

I was thinking going Spi/Haste, but as of late have been also considering going double Spi. Given I am pretty happy with my gear up to nowwas wondering if double spi was worth it over the loss of some haste.
I've heard that you cannot do 2x of the same, so I would definitely go spirit/haste.
12/22/2010 12:00 PMPosted by Lunarlief
Looking at your gear rijiac, you reforged a lot of stuff into spirit/etc. Is there some thread for the math behind that/etc? Just curious, haven't seen holy do that.

Its my playstyle I guess. I know for norms now I don't even worry about running oom or keeping tanks topped off dispite I am probally well past geared for them now. For me I like the haste/spi route because I can spam holy light, and generally always keep a double holy shock up and usually have my 1ish second cast heals up when I acctually need it.
I went spirit & mastery.

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