Leaving Gilneas early?

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I have leveled through the Worgen starting area twice now. For my third I was just going to use summon friend to bring him out to the human starting area to take advantage of a RAF account. Will I run into any problems? I understand once you leave the Worgen starting area you can't return, but part of the quest line is learning to control your shapeshifting ability. Will I just learn this automatically at a certain level without the quests? More a lazy question I guess, since I don't want to spend 4 hours questing to 12 or 13 in the starter zone again when I can do it in an hour with RAF outside Gilneas.
Unfortunately, no. You cannot leave Gilneas without completing all of the quests. I believe you'll get an error if you try to summon someone out of the starter zone without them completing it.

- Corylyn/Wynnoa, Wyrmrest Accord.
Thank you for the reply Corylyn. It is as much as I figured.
A good suggestion is to level a Worgen up to ~lvl 12 with them. That way, they still get the xp bonus while doing the fun chain of quests... It helped my DK leave the DK zone almost lvl 61 so it has it's advantages :)

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