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With the new changes to guild perks, my guild is at a loss.
I believe there are many guilds out there like us, about 20 regulars and another dozen or two "occasional's", with more alts than all others combined.

At first, we were capping the guild rep bar, but at about lvl 3, when the novelty of the expansion started to dwindle, play time from everyone did the same, and we haven't been reaching our potential.

We have been close in relationship to another guild for a while now, running 25mans with them and more. About a month before the expansion we brought up the idea of merging our guilds for the xpac. But, it was too much of a hassle to try to make it a reality.
And now, since both our guilds have been getting our own rep and perks, who would want to drop that to start anew?

I'd like to propose an easier way to merge sister guilds together into one, now that a bigger guild matters much more, so that we can all be apart the same guild and enjoy the game more, and get the perks out of being one bigger guild, as the both of us would like.

At this moment, I don't believe there is any easy way merge guilds.
But if there were a service by the Guild Master that we could pay, say 500gold, for the ability to merge one guild with another, by means of signatures from both guild masters, that would solve this issue.

Now, I think there could be different levels of the service. For example, paying 1000gold would give the ability to merge and keep the higher of the two guild reputations, and give the ability to create a new name, instead of keeping one of the two originals. Also, it would be great to incorporate options such as allowing both guilds to remain, giving the option to keep some alts in the merger guild, so as to solve the issue with the guild bank.

Basically, I'm thinking of allowing a bond or pact between the two guilds, where toons can be sent to either guild at any time without the consequence of losing guild rep or other bonuses.

This service would be a huge addition to the xpac, and I believe that it is necessary given the complete makeover of guilds.

Please strongly consider this; our guilds would much like to come together, and I am confident there are many others who would make use of such a great service.

Thank you,
I would love this. As the GM of a small guild on Galakrond, I've been approached a few times, and have talked to several small guild GMs about joining forces. We're just not big enough to be able to realistically expect to see the higher end feasts or any of the battle cauldrons any time soon. The answer is always some variation of "I'm honoured with my guild already." Some way to merge smaller guilds, say less than 20 accounts, into a new, bigger guild would be great!

This is becoming more necessary already. I am seeing many friends only log on during raid times or disappear completely, and I'm on a highly populated server.
I agree. Blizzard needs to look at the long term impacts of the guild rep system....these are some good ideas to start the discussion.
My experience with guild mergers is not positive. What ends up happening is that very few of the people from the "other" guild end up staying. Within a couple of months you'll pretty much be back in the same shape you are now.

But my guild is in similar shape. We used to field 2 10 man raids pretty regularly, now we almost never have enough for a 10 man without pugging. And the guild is now at level 17.
if you're level 3 and the other guild is level 18, then why would it matter? Just go to that guild. If you're worried about people not following you, then they are holding you back. This would also be a huge Guild Bank issue, and it's basically not going to allow you guys to merge.
Honored takes...2.5 weeks of capping rep right?

Why are we complaining again?
i don't think the rep. w/ guild is the issue. as for just quitting your guild and joining a new one. really? were talking about merging guilds. shouldn't be a major problem for Blizzard to offer this. i think Storms on to something. we are only talking about some minor issues. i think the problem is getting Blizzard to address this.
Mergers are a very good idea!

Keep the rep you've gained per character, but make the guild the level of the higher one is what I'd like to see.
Really easier for who, you want to press a few buttons and have it happen but some one has to figure out how to make it so the game can do it.

Not saying it couldn't be a good idea to be able to do as such just seems like something that might get put on the back burner like the dance thing did. That or they will turn it in to a paid service.
Small guilds will wither and die.

You need new players to keep a guild afloat.

New players are going to make the best choice for them.

That will tend to be higher level guilds, for these reasons;

Higher level guilds show more promise of longer life.

Higher level guilds offer more members and thus more diversity in interactions. You can solo or team with a larger guild, smaller guilds you will not have as many team options.

Zero-portability of guild reputation means that the player must protect their future time invested in gaining guild rep. You don't want to pick a small guild, they have more chance of going belly-up.

Possible improvements;

Better ways for guilds to interact with other guilds.

Your suggestion of Mergers for example.

Or possibly Alliances that allow two guilds to work together for achievements.

Rather than merge, the ability to have a some sort of link. Allow each guild to nominate say four sister guilds. Running with people from those guilds grants ideally the same or maybe slightly less than running with your own guild. That would allow the smaller guilds to still do the merged runs which a lot of them seem to do. If one guild falls out of favour, then they can be dropped and a new guild nominated. Give it some fee for a guild each link and I think it would work.
I think Zarhym spoke to this some time ago. They want to find a way to allow guild interaction like this, but the mechanism isn't there as of yet. It's not a near term thing, but it is on the table of possibilities.

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