How do you deal with all the spells?

^Yeah the naga or Steelseries mouse is definitely mandatory - however those half keyboard things are total pieces of cr*p. 'drool' rofl, yeah right.
Bump on the N52te/Nostromo. (Belkin made the n52te, Razer bought the line and released the Nostromo, functionally they're the same, but the Nostromo is definitely an upgrade).
Using modifiers (shift, ctrl, alt) bound on the N52te/Nostro, I can control 5 actionbars worth of keybinds, for 60 actionbuttons. Using those modifiers against the dpad, the scrollwheel, and the mouse's buttons ups that to over 100 keybindings, and there's still the extra color modes on the n52te/Nostromo for another set of keybinds..
Plus, it frees up your fingers for all those keybinds if you put your movement on the Dpad, which actually makes it possible to cast instants while moving and not tying your fingers in a knot.
I have video examples of how to setup the N52te/Nostromo, bind it into WoW, and modify your actionbars to take advantage of the setup on my YouTube channel, The 2 Ring (
I used to use just my numpad pre cataclysm and just changed the autorun key binding.

Now I use my mouse to move and it seems like every letter key is bound to something useful.

Pre Cata me clicking on something that wasn't bound from 1-9 on my numpad was easy and just as fast as a bound key more or less. Now with just the sheer amount of %@*% on my action bars and all of it crucial at some point I basically had to bind my whole keyboard.
I have my first 5 primary spells as 1-5, then Macro my reaction spells like cleanse or DP to Q and E.

Most CD's I macro onto my other spells depending on what it is. Or I will put them within clickable range. Yes I play both as a keyboard and clicker. I use the left side of my keyboard and click things that require me to move my hand.
I consolidated Inquisition into TV with a modifier key macro. Same with Divine Storm with Crusader Strike. If I'm using one I'm not using the other at that exact same point in time, so I might as well make them share the same space.

As for Guardian... I'm still trying to figure out a time to tie him in with DPS, so I just click him like a pro until I can throw him in his own little space.

...ok not really, I pop him with my wings macro...
Dang, I just changed my keybindings for the ESDF format and now you guys are talking about gaming pads. I'm looking them up on youtube now. I think I might want one now and will probably end up buying one for Christmas. Sigh, now I've done all that work changing my keybinds for nothing.

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