When tanking, how often do you forget to...

use Shield of the Righteous?

I always feel like I should use it at 3 charges of Holy power unless I'm sitting on my ass not spending a GCD, but I usually find myself forgetting to cast it in trash situations. The onyl time I seem to remember it consistently is on bosses, and even then I find myself glancing at my Holy Power and realize I haven't used the skill in the last 30 seconds.

with the trash hitting like it is i use wog most of the time ..i rarely le a full holy power bar sit there .
I rarely use it anymore. In heroics i use all my holy power to help the heals out. I don't have any issues with threat, so WoG seems better. If i'm at full health, and i have my proc to make it crit i'll use it though.
I almost never forget to SotR. Partly because now it seems that our DPS is a important part of any fight and I like to push to see just what I can get. That is when my life isn't threatened, if so it's WoG to the hills.

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