Prot or ret for PvP?? I don't like holy srry!

I just dinged to 85 and been wondering what i should do in arena, i know ret has been nurfed a lot and i used to play ret all day all night, now its just boring, playing prot i see that of course my dmg is dipping but my life time is pretty great and the fact i get slows, and stuns etc. i also get stuns in ret but not sure what is going to dominate in the arena this season, please help!!!
I'd say prot. But I haven't seen a single prot at all in PVP. So i'm assuming it's worse then ret..

So ret I guess.

Just for the record though, any DPS paladin isn't going to "Dominate" in arena this season. Ret does alright when played with a mage or feral, something OP to hold it together. But other then that ret doesn't fare very well.
Prot is by far better than ret in pvp.
I'm prot in Arena, and BG's, and i love it. I tried ret, and it failed. I almost never die, and usually do top three in damage. Plus it's useful in defending, and flag running. I can beat a mage (barely) as prot, but got ganked as ret.
Ill stick with prot for now, but i desprestaly need a guide for it, gemming and enchanting wise, you guys know of any guides for prot pally 4.0.3+?
fine taugrimms guide its on the forums or u can find his blog.

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