Struggling with getting gear for Holy Pally

I have been running normal dungeons for ages now and have found the nerf of the holy pallys haste and the extreame cost of Mana a real issue when trying to run Heroics. I understood the fact that as a holy pally in LK we never seemed to have issues with mana... but now it seems to the extreame opposite ends as if 1 or 2 people other than the tank take any damage and u need to quick heal u cut ur mana down a heap leaving u to go Oom very quickly.

Now I figure once the gear I get is better it will help this issue a lot but I find it almost impossible to run through a Heroic and the drops for Holy plate gear seems atrocious at the moment!

If any 1 has any ideas on getting that better gear or being able to reduce mana cost please drop a comment...

keeping in mind I try and use Holy Light, Holy Shock and Word of Glory at all times to conserve mana + the obvious other things like using Divine Plea and Avenging Wrath at the same time for a little mana regen.

Yeah, since they are the only plates that use healing stats, It would be extremely hard to find gear in heroics. I was thinking that blizzard should set up another class in future expansions that use plate healing gear, but now that the death knight came, we are gonna have to wait a looooooong time.

i've seen many healers have a mana problem btw, expecially preists
/tries to think of a possible plate wearing healing class.


But that isn't really in WoW lore.. I suppose bliz can make it work somehow
Your gear is easily miles better than what I started healing heroics in (just gotta get rid of that 264 lol) if your not flash spamming like a mad man etc then have you considered that it's not entirely your fault that your going OOM? especially if your pugging warn the dps to get out of the fire (or whatever mechanic) we can't carry stupid now, I've had fights that I've been healing the end off on fumes only to get 3 good dps and a good tank next time around and be 60%+ mana at the end.

Also I personally try and know a part in fights where using divine plea on it's own is going to be safe for example first boss H SFK I like to pop mine a few seconds before he does his 1 hp aoe then by the time it finishes and your interrupts let his heal tick once/twice the debuff is gone, I try and separate my cooldowns unless I know it's going to be heavy damage incoming like double swords in H GB.

Also I know you said your doing obvious things but are you judging every cooldown? I've noticed on fights if I slack or can't judge every cooldown for whatever reason my mana falls fast.

I'm not 100% on this (and sorry if armory has me in lolret questing gear) but are haste gems a good choice for us now? I've been sticking to int and spr gems. Maybe look into that? apologize if I'm wrong.

Anyway this is working for me currently (have about 89k or so mana and about 2600ish in combat regen in case armory has me in lolret)
Thx for your input Shadowedsky,

Now I do have to agree that there is a large element based on the movement of other dps to helping to control your loss of mana... When I am fortunate enough and the guild decides to do some randoms lately controlling with CCs does make it much easier.

On the subject of judging... I always maintain the buff of a 9% haste increase. I also use hast gems at the moment (I am not sure if my logic is sound), becauset by being able to cast quicker gives me more leniency in picking the spell for the right occasion to help conserve mana.

A question I do have though is looking at your talents for your Holy spec, I noticed you put 2 points in Blessed Life, which I was thinking of doing but people have been telling me that I don't get hit enough as a healer to make use of it and AoE damage doesn't count as "Direct Damage" and it was more for PvP... I personally thought it would still be good there and was wondering if it helps you with your Holy Power.

Cheers, Some of the things you mentioned before is very helpful though...


Is it just me though, or are Plate healing gear really hard to get from randoms? The only things I have seen to drop mostly though for me that I would use is rings, trinkets, etc...
Sorry for a late reply was in lala land (sleeping)

Yeah me and a friend came up with a saying for cata "in wrath tank was king, in cata healer is king you listen to them if you want to survive"

Anyway my spec isn't perfect hence a few wrong talents (I change my specs often) and only 2/3 judgements of the pure, but anyway I've been trying blessed life and there are gimmicks in fights where we will get hit, for example my strat for first boss H HoO involves me aggroing snakes while dps does a switch (yay for plate) I'm probably going to drop it because for 2 talent points it just isn't worthy so far, so I wouldn't follow me on that one.

Now judgements of the pure has a 1minute uptime so if your only maintaining that your missing a fair bit of mana from judging every cooldown (sorry if I misunderstood what you were saying) now as for haste gems (and once again if I'm wrong on this I do apologize) I honestly think with the amount that's on gear and the fact if your quite low you can do mastery - haste reforge that we should be gemming for regen, I understand your logic on them but I would rather be able to last longer than have more time to spare for snap decisions.

Plate gear can be a pain but it is out there! and the JP vendor is our friend <3

Anyway if any of what I'm saying is wrong I apologize I'm still learning holy pally myself (haven't healed since playing a priest in vanilla/tbc) but this is working for me with decent group members.
I can only comment saying, Your Cooldowns learn to love them, Trash and boss fights.

You want to know fight mechanics and learn when the 'big' damage is coming, weather that be AOE raid dmg, or massive single target damage.

You can predict accordingly, atm i am running heroics in my gear and only now starting to not oom, i just make use of my JC spi trinket and divine plea, popping guardian with wings, or divine favour when DL spam is needed, learn to incorporate your heavy CD's to each scenario.

You need to be judging nearly every CD cycle or there abouts (if incoming damage allows).
Judging grants me around 2200-2400 mana every 8 seconds.

I am running heroics and 90% of fights im coming out with 30% + mana left in my arsenal, oom'ing isnt a worry for me, HS & WoG is your friend =D

keep it at it bro and to anyone else playing, holy pallies are alot of fun, its just learning how to manage your mana is the trickiest part, once you learn when to use which heals need to be casted for the current scenario thats the practice you need to be able to move forward.
Let's think about it.

For stat choices at the beginning of an xpac we want efficiency. This is the biggest change for Holy Paladins as we used to get 50%+ overhealing spamming HL.

Int, Spirit, Mastery, Crit, Haste. These are our stats.

Int gives mana, spirit gives regen, mastery gives consistent 100% effective absorbs (not sure if there is a cap), crit gives inconsistent 1.5x multipliers, haste gives quicker (and more often applied) heals.

Out of these 5, Int, Spirit, and Mastery give consistency and the best Mana efficiency, recovery, and pool.

Therefore, take your local gear engine and input Int, Spirit, and Mastery with Plate and perhaps Stamina. You'll get this:;maxle=347;cr=24:170;crs=1:1;crv=0:0

Happy Hunting.
Yeah I have been doing regulars for quite a while too, even though it says I have the gear for it I just can't seem to maintain enough mana through an entire boss encounter on a heroic. But I started trying something different that I never had to do before. Go up there and melee that @%*@ lol. If you find you are losing mana fast make sure you have 'Seal of Insight' on. A single-target melee attack has a chance to heal yourself for "(0.15 * AP.15 * holy power)" and "restore 4% of your maximum mana". Judgment when you can and melee it for mana. Though I find it incredibly ludicrous that any healer has to play the role of dps as well, just to maintain mana but it works. You still have to be careful with it though, you have to be more aweare then ever since you will be faced with the same challenges as melee dps as well as you can't be swinging while casting.
When I first hit 85, I immediately ran heroics and boy was it hard. I was drinking after every pull. But then I joined some groups with competent DPS who CCd, and things immediately got easier. So I ran more and more heroics, got geared, and healed Baradin Hold last night carrying a druid healer. Ended up doing 75% heals in that raid. How? Lottsss of mana regen. Make sure you are using judgment EVERY SINGLE moment its available. I also use the eggshell, which gives ~8k mana. Then I use a mana pot. And if a feral druid is in your group, dont be afraid to ask for enervate. Back to heroics: Don't be afraid to use CD's on trash. TBH, ever since vanilla I never used CD's on trash. But in Cata, you HAVE to. I pair DP w/ AW, and save any other CDs for emergencies or bad pulls when CC breaks. Hope this helps, didnt have much time to type so sentence structure and grammar sucks, I know.
I would like to thank you all for your inputs..

It has defiately given me some food for thought...

After looking through peoples talents and some of their ideas, there are definately new things I am going to try, and it is really changing a lot of the ideas of the good old Pally heals.

I am going to try a few things here and perhaps post some of my thoughts on the best way to Pally heal from now on.

Cheers for your ideas.

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