Thinking about the paladin...

Ok I posted this in the Paladin forums as well as the hunter forums so I don't get one side of the story.

Basically I have a Pally at 85 and love it. I love tanking heroics and when I don't get stuck with pants-on-head retards, I have a great time. I also occasionally PvP and that's good too. I've decided I wanted to raid recently so I joined a smallish raiding guild on my server with a mate of mine. I've been thinking (as I don't want to play a Ret / Holy Paladin at all): what place do Prot Pallies have in a raid when they're NOT main / off tanks? Surely the raid would prefer a dedicated MDPS over another prot pally not doing much? I also don't exactly want to join a hardcore raiding guild as an MT as that kind of commitment doesn't really appeal to me at the moment...

Thinking this over is when I started my hunter. I love being a hunter so far; questing in plaguelands, level 41. I know they're very viable in PvP (which of course is a debate-able subject right now) and somewhat efficient in PvE as far as MDPS (pet) and RDPS go. Also their utility spells are sought for in most guilds.

I guess what I'm trying to get at here... is someone to convince me (knowing I want to both PvE AND PvP) to swing to either the Pally or the Hunter. For time constraint reasons, I'd prefer to stick to one toon for the moment.

What the pro's / con's of each class in PvP and PvE? I know the Pally tanking rotation off by heart (well, mine anyway) and I'm scared my hunter will only end up using like three spells at lvl85 (heard this from numerous people) as the rest are utility / seldom used...

So I guess I'm looking at feedback and opinions right now. Thanks for reading.

Got a hunter and a pally, pro's / con's of each in pvp and pve, assume I'll only end up playing one of them.
it sounds to me you should probably play the hunter cause you don't much care for ret or holy as an off spec or switching your main to the ether and you don't want to tank any more for anything other than the occasional random heroic. and cause tanks just are not a viable spec for dps. just remember when dpsing as the hunter don't do the things that pissed you off while you were a tank, like not getting out of the "fire" or leaving you pet on aggressive.

good pallies in pvp for one ive noticed is we just are hard as hell to kill but kinda reliant on others to kill or help kill stuff the only thing to fear as a pally in bg are warlocks and dk if there really good a physical damaging class just have most of there attacks bounce off you.

hunters right now are laughable at best in bgs hell i kill hunters as holy, right now that is, till the next patch when there shots hit for 900k or something like that. radding though hunters are nice for there frost traps and killing *%!@ on the run once you got aspect of the fox. also there supposed to be the highest all-around dps but that comes and goes with the all mighty blizzard nerf bat. but theres a fine line between good hunters and huntards that just face roll the key board.

i tell you what if you want any really good info on any class go to the elites jerks
web site i just don't suggest posting anything there less you want to get nerd raged off the face of the planet.

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