When are you going to not screw over ret

Just got removed from a heroic after sitting in queue for stonecore for an hour and a half because my dps was "bad" on the first boss because a hunter died and i spent half the fight clutch healing the other dps so they would die on adds, and since our aoe dps is so @%#!ing PISS POOR i did no dps because of all the adds. So since my dps was low I got removed.

Way to @%#!ing shaft us again! Guess I should reroll faceroll hunter right, so i can do 13k dps in greens. YEAH!
did more dps then other classes to the boss but since they have amazing aoe dps they did 6000 more dps then me thats soooo cool!! What a waste of the last 4 hours trying to do one @*#*ing heroic, thanks blizzard.
because players who don't know that dps isn't everything is blizzards fault.
Got kicked for doing 5k DPS on a boss fight when the fight lasted all of 25 seconds before we wiped.

I was tempted to throw my computer out the damn window.
How do other ret paladins feel about aoe dps? I mean even prot warriors destroy me on aoe dps. Really wish they would change seal of truth too so it would stack faster. It definitely says single target strikes cause censure, how does this not apply to crusader strike at least, or judgement, or templars verdict. They seem to be very single strike attacks every time I use them. GG slow ass ramp up damage AGAIN thought they would have learned from this last expansion
HAHAHAHAHAHA I am trying to requeue for stonecore and try to complete it before the heroics reset and all of a sudden it tells me im now saved to this instance because the group I was just removed from completed it without me in it so i got saved to it, HAHAHAHAHA SO COOL BLIZZ
Dubz, I suggest getting the hit and expertise cap before you complain to blizzard about low dps.

In all honestly none of them will take you seriously till your gear shows a full understanding of melee dps.

6% hit for heroics (lv 87) 26 Expertise (10 from glyph, 16 from gear)

Xavierl that's probably not the reason you were kicked.
Thanks Moradim, I really feel pathetic in any place there is more then 2 mobs.
I do feel our AoE is really gymped right now as ret. Holy power has no place in a ret AoE rotation except for insiquition which is every 30 seconds other than that is useless and concecration damage is really low in ret spec. Something does need to be done about ret everything needs to be reworked our single target damage is really low too most other classes unless its a undead or demon which then our dps goes way up cause of exorcism crits all the time but that's it. Same goes for AoE damage idk if we will get changed or not but who cares i still like playing my ret i just wish since its my favourite class to play i could pull off decent numbers in raids and dungeons.
you got into a bad pug. and now you're complaining on the forums?

sheesh. Do what I do. Don't pug. Find a guild. Your life will be much happier.
i'm doing 8-10k on pulls in heroics... I really have no clue why people are saying dps is bad.
12/19/2010 4:32 AMPosted by Ritalynn
i'm doing 8-10k on pulls in heroics... I really have no clue why people are saying dps is bad.

Me either.

I did 5 heroics with decent players earlier and I was top meters in every one.

Admittedly in raids it's probably a different scenario, but in heroics we're fine.
^ oh no no, in raids we're more than fine.
I'm a theorycrafter and all such ridiculous time consuming things. I think about maximizing my dps and all that. I fill every GCD with the best possible ability and in my PvE set have 27 expertise (1 over) 961 hit rating on the dot, the rest poured into haste, and a full set of 346 gear fully reforged when possible and gemmed/chanted.

I put out a solid 10k-12k on heroic bosses.

My friend, an equal theorycrafter Hunter pulled almost as much as me in a fair amount of 2xx level greens and 333 weapons.

While our damage in and of itself USUALLY balances out over a fight, it's undeniably true that those classes who are more consistent (don't even pretend we aren't rng to a large extent) will outdamage us. It has been theorycrafted and I'm sure in raids many have seen it. If your raid's or heroic's players do not max/min and follow strict rotation and have well thought-out alternate rotations then they aren't really in the 'competitive' dps department. Pulling 8k-10k in heroics and topping charts in your guild means you're probably a very good player perhaps instinctively so. Every guild in the non-competitive mathematical level of play will have different specs winning on damage. I knew guilds with Rogues, Boomkins, Rets, Ferals, et cetera topping the charts way back in the day often by 1k+ when that meant far more than it did now. Every guild has a dps, healer, and tank hero that the rest shoot to beat. In real competitive levels, ret falls short.
^I agree 100%, I'e been a ret paladin for 5 years now. Been doing it since lolret and I have always loved my paladin, but it is way too frustrating playing as ret in cataclysm I Leveled with the pack like everyone else but i noticed something wrong from the getgo really easy to die WOG healing for 1/3 of my health with 3 holy power? i mean cmon 3 holy power should at least give me 50%. Not to mention after gearing for heroics to the number that was stated to be "High enough for heroics" just to stay in Q for 45 mins to be kicked as soon as i get in a group stating "Because your ret and dps sucks for ret atm srry and gbye" and finally running a heroic popping all cds following the one and only useful rotation keeping inquisition up and doing everything i can to be competitive. But its just not there im bottom of the rung. i will agree that ret rotation was broken and easy in wrath and thats why everyone and their brother rolled ret for it but because of that we have to deal with this? Im just dissapointed with it so much i may have to change my 5 year main with over 220 days /played (no lifer here) to an alt QQ done

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