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The Paladin can set a chapel, shrine, or church to be his pilgrimage site. He can teleport or open a gateway to it once every 30 minutes.

Radiant Auras
Radiance effect: Specific for each tree, the more damage that is healed, received, or dealt a small boost is given for the current aura in effect. Except for perhaps Crusader Aura. They're nice and passive, but they're also a tad boring.


Zealotry (No longer requires 3 Holy Power)
When activated, immediately Crusader Strikes the Paladin's target three times. All Crusader Strikes within X seconds of activation hit an extra 2 times (at reduced strength) but generates 3 Holy Power. (Extra damage, no need to ramp up to use it.)

Long Arm of the Law
When the speed buff is activated on the Paladin, the target suffers a Seal of Justice debuff. If Long Arm of the Law is reapplied on the Paladin while the debuff is still active (either from LAotL or SoJ), the speed boost in increased by 10% for up to 30%.

Divine Purpose
Judgement grants a 50/100% chance. Any abilities listed here that kills a target that grants honour or would have granted experience generates a charge of Holy Power.


Guardian of Ancient Kings
For Retribution (A different kind of gap closer):
Summons a non-targettable and non-CCable Guardian to attack the Paladin's current target. If the Paladin is also in melee range of the target, then their damage is boosted as it is now. If the Paladin is not in melee range, then the Paladin's attacks count as if he is in melee range and deals damage through the Guardian of Ancient Kings.

10 seconds every 1.5 minutes? It's a gap-closer after all.

Hand of Light (Retribution Mastery)

1) Seal of Command - Automatically deals % of weapon damage as Holy Damage. For x seconds afterwards, the next ability (that isn't Templar's Verdict) will cost no Holy Power.

2) Automatically casts a Templar's Verdict at full charge and for x seconds afterwards, the next ability (that isn't Templar's Verdict) will cost no Holy Power.

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