Holy PvP for Newbs?

Like the title suggest, I'm looking for any and all information on how to progress as a new holy pally in this post-shattered pvp cataclysmic world

What did you start doing to gear up, just farm bgs or ran heroics to start with that gear instead? Good talent spec? Reforge ideas?

Also looking for protips for ingame. What tricks do you pull out of your toolbox to deal with tricky situations? How do you handle a melee that's stuck to you like glue?

Thanks guys!
I am also very interested in this post. Gear, how-tos, what to do in different situations, talent specs, etc. I really want to PvP and want to do a Holy Pally thing so someone please respond.
You need to get your hands on the Ornate Pyrium Armor. Find a blacksmith that can make it. I made myself that set, and it may not seem like much, but it will keep you alive longer than most. The longer you are alive, the more honor you get. After that I did arena's, and was very OP (Just make sure you use Divine Radiance with 20% crit CD's and don't bubble to early) I picked up the Conquest Vendor Shield right away with a few matches...Just look for the biggest upgrade first really.

And of course run BG's.
If you have the Ornate Armor get your rings and neck first. Will fill in the spots for resli, or you can try to get 2 pieces of the blue Glad armor for the +400 resli bonus. It's up to you, both will do you well with additional resli, and stats. I bought the wole Ornate set and are filling in spots with no resli with rings and neck first.
Bump! still looking for more tips guys

I also found out today that judging restores 15% of base mana....Yea, I've been healing this whole time and even did a heroic today and never knew that. I KNEW my mana was running out so fast but this is a huge thing to not realize.....ouch

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