Holy Gemming!

Was wondering what to gem for my holy set in red, blue, and yellow slots now? And on what gemming bonuses should i get, i.e. +10 spirit, or +10 intellect.
Always focus on Intel. you like intel, you want it!

Since Vanilla WoW haste was important for holy pally. But today, with all the instant heal, wwe dont need haste anymore. Tank & Dps healt is more difficult to full. So i say...forget the haste and go for the crit.

Int & Crit, and some spirit along the way
ALL SPIRI... oh wait, that joke doesn't work anymore.
Red = Int.
Blue = Int/Spirit <333
Yellow = Int/Mastery (or if there's an Int/Crit still - would be just as good)

Do not gem haste, don't do it.
I don't care what anyone says LISTEN TO ME!

From: someone who is actually raiding current content.

Red - int. yellow - int/haste. blue - int/spirit.

Preferably only for int socket bonuses, I'm generally not bothering with the others.

Reforge for spirit everywhere possible, then haste.

Int > spirit > haste > crit/mastery.

Edit: this is if you're nutty about socket bonuses. I'm not.

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