Holy Mastery Rating - Had to share this!

For those of you who have been melee before (or tank) you probably know how Expertise works (or worked).

Basically, you have a rating which translates into a point, that point then determines your dodge and parry reduction.

For example: Lets say 100 rating = 1 expertise which = 1% (fictional numbers but I don't play melee any longer so go figure). If you have 95 rating, you don't quite manage to get that 1 expertise point, which means you dont get 1%, you also don't get 0.95%. You simply get 0%.

Mastery (at least for Holy) does not do this. It is a percent increase based completely on the rating, though the character sheet shows points similarly to Expertise does, it is EFFECTIVELY POINTLESS. Haha.

For Holy - Mastery Rating = % shielding, period. No point conversion is involved.

I don't care if you already knew this, this is to inform the people that do not know this already. Even if you have 10.92 Mastery you are getting 100% out of your rating, so no worries! :D
so you are saying that 1 pt of mastery rating= 1pt of mastery???

I don't think that works like that maybe for holy but for prot or ret I got a lot of mastery rating but it calculates to about 4 mastery wich gives me 8% more chance to block an attack or 4% more chance to proc hand of light
Oh lord no. I'm saying rating = % increase, that the "Mastery Points" are not important and have no effect on how much you get, they are merely a method of tracking your current percentage easier.

Prior to discovering this I thought that having say, 10.92 Mastery POINTS was the exact same effectiveness (amount of absorb) as having 10.00 Mastery points.

The way I discovered this was I have 15.68 Mastery POINTS. I remove my boots which drops me down to something like 15.22 (I don't remember exactly, but still more than 15).

The change dropped me from 19% absorb shielding to 18% absorb shielding. That change should NOT happen if Mastery is point based, it can only happen if the percentage is directly related to the rating, and the points are superfluous.

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