seal and judgment dmg. our new mastery!

now THAT is a good idea...
I'll preface this by saying that I spent an inordinate time in vanilla as 20/0/31 ret (for BoK), jumped ship in 1.9 for the 30/0/21 build, and went back to ret for the purposes of leveling in WotLK. Other than that, I'm prot. While I can certainly understand the desire to be retribution and wish for it to be just as viable as other paladin specs, it isn't my spec of choice.

I tried 4.x ret for a bit when 4.0.1 landed, and I don't think changing the fundamental of the mastery is what is needed. A chance for your next HoP dump to not consume holy power and act as if you had full HoP is pretty nice, and a great change of pace from other classes' masteries which are generally just passive bonuses anyhow. It certainly forces ret to switch up its rotation and stay on its toes, and that is definitely a good thing. What I personally think would help ret greatly is changing Divine Purpose and Art of War.

Give DP a 100% chance to generate HoP on judgment or HW cast, instead of a 40% chance to generate HoP on just about everything. That alone would lead to a steadier influx of HoP and less RNG dependence on DPS.

Change Art of War to a 33/66/100% chance to proc a free, instant Exorcism on Inquisition and WoG cast. That would synergize very strongly with selfless healer and inquiry of faith, incentivize hybridized play, and smooth over DPS loss from not using TV in addition to removing the RNG aspect of it as it exists now. You'd unfortunately have to remove the "double damage" aspect of AoW, or make it "cannot crit" mostly due to the fact that otherwise, there'd be no reason to use TV.

Just my 2c. A little proc is good, and I think mastery suits that just fine as its rating value can be controlled by the player while talents cannot. Getting the RNG out of the talents is with what I'd be concerned.
so, going from a useless mastery to a mastery worth while (which all our gear has on it anyway), Would not be fundamental? i do agree that HP generation needs a change. but Seal and judgment dmg needs a boost in order to even be remotely worth having in our arsenal.

Our seal of truth debuff is doing 1200 dmg every 3 seconds while at a 5 stack. you know what a feral druid and warrior are capable of? 5-10k Every 3 seconds.

a 5-10/1 ratio of there dmg to ours from tick dmg alone. how is it even possible to close a gap thats set that high?

everything aside, seal dmg alone can set our class right. judgment is far from its former glory and needs around a 30% dmg buff aswell. besides that chance of a HP and the mana on return. its not worth even having on a keybind.

a mastery for our seal and judgment dmg will also keep this out of the hands of prot and holy pallies.
I would suggest that a change to its proc rate would be sufficient, not changing the mastery entirely. Hence, the comment regarding changing the "fundamental" aspect of the mastery.

Give it a high proc chance with an ICD that's lowered with additional mastery, that would be pretty good help with the "ramp up" difficulties many have been complaining about. Switch it to a PPM-based system. Straight up increase the baseline proc rate. Increase the additional proc chance with extra mastery.

Judgment isn't damage any more, it's utility. Holy uses it for mana regen, self healing and to maintain JotW. Prot uses it for mana regen, JotJ and to proc sacred duty. Why should ret be the "odd man out" with the utility versus damage scheme? It already is ret's mana regen tool, giving it guaranteed HoP generation care of DP would be perfect (though adding a talented snare component would be very nice).

I do agree that ret would do well with higher seal damage, though I disagree changing mastery is necessarily the way to do it. No offense, but that's quite frankly fairly uninventive and rather boring, doesn't differ significantly from anyone else's mastery, and does little to reduce RNG/proc dependence and inability to generate HoP reliably or quickly. Increasing retribution's seal damage could just as easily be done through a deep ret talent.

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