So New Arena System?

How does the new arena system work exactly? I know it's a dumb question but I generally don't know.
You make a team and play a match. If you win, you get conquest points until you reach your weekly quota. Also, your rating adjusts each match, depending on who you played. Next week, your weekly quota will be higher depending on your rating at the end of this week based on some magical conversion.
You get a frost mage.
What the previous guy said
Lmfao 1500 feral talking about frost mages.
If you check the top teams on Whirlwind, you'll see that there's more teams with druids than there are mages. You could easily faceroll 2.2k as feral/warrior/hpally and dk/warrior/resto.
Open with tree form, make your warrior and DK kill something. If something doesn't die by the time tree form ends, you replace a partner or l2spam rejuv and lifebloom harder

There's TONS of ferals getting carried by their class. I've gone against countless feral/hpally/anything comps in 3's that are 2500 MMR with challenger titles who've never been past 1600.

lmao mage calling out ferals on the op scale

I bet the OP regretted saying the word "Arena" now! Silly OP, clearly a troll, how dare he ask for information on a WoW forum!

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