I have been leveling as ret this expansion and it was hell. I could only imagine how rets were going to do in pvp. With our clunky playability, spellls,nerfs, and our reliance on procs, its just not fun anymore. I recently tried out protret again and i seemed to be doing a little better because i tank alot more *%#@. I think that protret is the new way to go now for paladins who do not want to heal in pvp. Just pick up a sword and board and start tanking. It is a good spec for bgs because we can defend nodes, carry flags, and outlast many classes. At least we have avengers shield with a slow/silence and more defense spells. What do you guys think?
I had alot of fun doing that when wotlk came out. They always nerf it like they did to prot pvp pallys and prot warriors a few months after wrath launched. There were literally teams getting to 2k made up of a tank pally and a tank warrior.
I have been leveling protret. In identical dps gear except weapon/shield (actually ret slightly better because my 2H is better than my 1H and shield) - crappy gear at level 83 so consider that - Prot seems to put out about 85% of the damage of Ret on a dummy with an ideal rotation which in my opinion favors Ret. In practice prot has more controllable burst, more ability to strike at range, offesnive utility and of course tons more survivability.

I switched to ret for about an hour while leveling on my PvP realm, got roflstomped a couple of times and went back to protret and resumed my desired role of roflstomper. I have had some luck killing even 85 hordes that try to gank me.
getting 2200 now is just playing games

arena rating goes up so much it's rediculous every spec can get over 2200 just win at least 30% of ur games.

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